Kemal Ozkan: "It's shameful that Belarusian workers continue suffering from stupid Govt's decisions"

13.02.18 9:49
According to the new Belarus' Presidential Ordinance, the unemployed will have to reimburse the cost of state-subsidized services.

Belarus: unemployed will pay more for public services

06.02.18 13:31
A new presidential decree in Belarus has ruled that unemployed workers will be subject to additional charges for public services subsidized by the state.

"We had no year like this one"

16.01.18 11:56
Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the independent REP Trade Union, sums up the outgoing year 2017.

What did people read in REP's website in 2017?

16.01.18 10:06
What last year's topics caused the greatest interest among the readers of the website The whole year of work of the REP Trade Union got its reflection in the articles that won the highest number of hits (pageviews).

Soligorsk miner achieves justice: "Belaruskali" admits industrial trauma

16.01.18 9:59
It took almost half a year for Sergey Grinyuk, an electric gas welder at the "Belaruskali", who injured his spinal column in the mine, to force the employer to acknowledge the accident as an industrial injury.

"Belarusians are ashamed to confess to their poorness"

16.01.18 9:51
Since 1995, the UN marks December 19 as the Day of Helping the Poor. Is poverty topical to us? Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik talk about poverty in Belarus.

Gennady Fedynich: "If BKDP disappears today, people won't notice it"

29.12.17 16:51
At the Congress of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (known as BKDP), the REP Trade Union criticized the BKDP leadership.

One poster = fine of 23 US dollars: court has ruled on picket case

29.12.17 16:45
Bobruisk activists of the REP Trade Union Galina Lazareva and Alexei Trofimov have been fined by two basic units each.