"Only a dead body is not engaged in the economy": new "parasite" case of the REP Trade Union

07.02.19 9:21
Maria Tarasenko, a woman, who has no grounds for exclusion from the database of "those not employed in the national economy", has turned to the Gomel branch of the REP Trade Union. She intends to go to court and prove the illegality of Ordinance No. 3.

"Flow of people was not weaker but stronger": REP's legal service sums up its 2018 work

07.02.19 9:17
These are the outcomes of the work of the legal service in all the regions of Belarus in figures

Gennady Fedynich: Sanctions may be imposed on authors of "parasite" ordinances

24.01.19 14:14
Invitations ("letters of happiness") come to those, formally uncovered by Ordinance No. 1: mothers with many children or babies, or people, who have paid their income tax.

REP has helped an "Evroopt" employee to quit

24.01.19 14:13
The administration of the "Evroopt" retail network has agreed with the REP Trade Union and promptly dismissed Irina Potapyonok, a REP member.

Shop manager advises seller not to come to work in order to dismiss her for absenteeism

24.01.19 14:11
Yuri Belyakov, a lawyer of the REP Trade Union, has helped Yulia Zueva, a REP member and a saleswoman at the "Rublyovsky" retail network, to defend her rights.

After publication in REP website, employer cancels "dismissal fine"

24.01.19 14:09
Mr Strelchik, Director of the "Laguna" Trading House in Baranovichi, has cancelled his ban on dismissals, when, after the publication on the website of the REP Trade Union, the state labour inspectorate became interested in his "initiative".

Victory: primary BNP organization at "Remmontazhstroy" registered!

24.01.19 14:06
On January 18, a respective letter was received by the BNP office from the Soligorsk District Executive Committee (DEC). It took eight months and three constituent assemblies to register the BNP unit at the "Remmontazhstroy Trust" Company.м

First lawsuit: a 60-year-old worker demands pension that he lost by pension reform

24.01.19 14:03
Anatoly Poplavny, a locksmith-tool maker at the OJSC "Gomelkabel", a member of the REP Trade Union, who reached the age of 60, has demanded from the district administration to appoint his age pension, which, according to the new legislation, he should receive only in 1.5 years.