"Why are we worse than other countries' workers?" REP presents its "Trade Union Platform"

13.11.19 12:28
The REP Trade Union has presented its Platform containing proposals to the government. Its 32 brief points have accumulated the demands put forward to the authorities in the labour, social and state spheres.

"See you in court": Driver of Minsk Trolleybus Fleet No. 2 deprived of bonuses and reprimanded

13.11.19 12:27
The Labour Dispute Commission (LDC) of Minsk Trolleybus Fleet No. 2 has found that the Pavel Misyukevich, a trolleybus driver, was rightfully deprived of his bonuses.

Training for trolleybus driver costs like a year at university

13.11.19 12:23
The Committee on Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Minsk City Executive Committee has sued a former trolleybus driver claiming to payback the funds spent on his training.

Worker under protection: REP holds negotiations with "Gomselmash" PA bosses

22.10.19 11:32
On October 14, Alexander Samsonov, Assistant Director General for Security at the "Gomselmash" Production Association (PA), met Leonid Sudalenko, the legal labour inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region, and Valentina Anikeenko, a "Gomselmash" milling machine operator.

You care about product quality – then, get a reprimand! How a cement factory is exporting its products

22.10.19 11:31
The "Krasnoselskstroymaterialy" Factory has reprimanded the engineer, Natalia Lych, for "refusing to declare that blocks made of B2.5 cellular concrete comply with quality requirements."

Minsk resident demands exclusion from "parasite" database: why is state claiming tax on life from me?

22.10.19 11:30
Igor Yakshevich has already made three attempts to achieve exclusion from the database of those "not employed in the national economy" by appealing to the administration of the Moskovsky District of Minsk.

Court sides with REP member and cancels extradition

22.10.19 11:28
On October 16, Judge Konstantin Skorin from the Buda-Koshelevo District Court satisfied the complaint of Vladimir Trauter, a 38-year-old Russian citizen, a member of the REP Trade Union, whom the police decided to extradite from the country for five years "in the interests of public order".

"Saving on people": educators of Cherven Boarding House lose their pensions because of renaming their establishment

08.10.19 11:51
The "Cherven Boarding House for Disabled Children" was renamed to the "Cherven Boarding House for Disabled Children and Young Invalids with Peculiarities of Psychophysical Development", which was the reason for depriving the educators of their pensions for long work record.