Fined for chanting "Shame!"

04.09.18 18:34
On August 30, Pavel Mrochko, an activist of the REP Trade Union from Brest, appealed to the cassation instance of the Minsk City Court against the judgement of the Moskovsky District Court of Minsk, which awarded him a huge (BYN 490) fine for participating in a solidarity action with the…

REP Trade Union as a party under authoritarianism

04.09.18 18:32
Severin Kviatkovsky, a columnist of the "Radio Liberty", has dedicated his article to the REP Trade Union.

FLD calls on Belarus to abolish verdicts to Fedynich and Komlik

03.09.18 18:31
"The authorities of Belarus must immediately cancel the verdicts to the leaders of the REP Trade Union, Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik, and fully restore their freedom," says the urgent appeal of the international human rights organization named "Front Line Defenders" (FLD), which believes that the prosecution of trade union…

"Major roles will be played not by bureaucrats, but the Law and Constitution"

02.09.18 18:29
The Gomel Regional Court has dismissed the complaint lodged by Denis Rabenok against the resolution of the Kalinkovichi District Executive Committee to ban the rally in support of the REP Trade Union. Denis, who is an activist of the REP Trade Union, wrote about it in his Facebook page.

Three cases that highlight main problems of modern Belarus

30.08.18 13:58
And these are not low salaries and growing prices in stores.

Open appeal of Slonim activists on "trade union case"

30.08.18 13:57
Activists from the town of Slonim condemn the fabricated criminal case against Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik, the leaders of the REP Trade Union, the "Radio Racyja" has reported.

REP defends Rechitsa resident, from whom lyceum demands to reimburse cost of education

30.08.18 13:56
Vyacheslav Gorlenko, a resident of the Belarusian town of Rechitsa, has turned to Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region, and told that in 2013 he graduated from the Kalinkovichi professional agrarian and technical lyceum with a specialty as a gas-electric welder; and…

REP Trade Union expresses solidarity with independent journalists

30.08.18 13:55
In his interview to the "Viasna" Human Rights Centre (HRC), Gennady Fedynich told about international solidarity with the REP Trade Union: