Victory! Grodno Bus Fleet concedes to driver's demands

03.04.18 12:40
The third driver of the infamous Grodno Bus Fleet is now defending his rights in court; however, this time the fleet bosses did not wait for the court judgement and made concessions.

Leonid Sudalenko: being rights defender is tougher than being an astronaut

03.04.18 12:30
An interview with a professional lawyer, a well-known legal labour inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region, Laureate of the 2017 Charter97 Award in the nomination "For Personal Courage". Leonid, who is father of four sons, tells the story of his life and struggle.

Kyrgyz unionists picket Belarus' Embassy in Bishkek in support of REP Trade Union

03.04.18 12:24
Activists of the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Kyrgyzstan have demanded that Belarus stop persecuting independent trade unions.

Gennady Fedynich: "Authorities want to show again that everything is under their control"

22.03.18 10:43
Mr Fedynich, the Chairman of the REP Trade Union, has commented on the situation with searches of union activists on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border.

"KGB is running the case." REP Trade Union states increased pressure on its members

22.03.18 10:34
Gennady Fedynich says that should repressions against activists continue, the REP Trade Union will call on the international trade union community to impose sanctions on Belarusian authorities.

Roman Burenko: "Why Judge has Lukashenko's portrait in her office?"

22.03.18 10:32
Roman Burenko, the leader of the REP's group in the city of Pinsk, was outraged, when he saw Lukashenko's portrait in the office of Judge Kovalchuk in Brest, along with the state coat of arms and the banner.

Galina Smirnova: "Let them only try to ban it!"

22.03.18 10:31
In Bobruisk, activists of the REP Trade Union have applied to the chairman of the city executive committee asking to sanction collection of signatures in support of the independent trade union.

REP activist from Mozyr fights for safe railway crossing

22.03.18 10:29
In late 2017, Nikolai Novikov, an activist of the REP Trade Union, sent an appeal to the Mozyr District Executive Committee (accompanied by the signatures he had collected), trying to force the authorities to properly equip the pedestrian crossings over the railway line.