"Mark City Day at full tilt!" Bobruisk factories are again forced to work on Saturday

30.06.19 13:54
Nobody ever asks for their consent; the double pay for the work on the weekend is also out of the question.

ITUC: Belarus has no guarantees for observance of workers' rights and freedoms

30.06.19 13:50
According to the 2019 global rights index, Belarus is in the category of countries, where workers are not guaranteed the respect for their rights, the writes.

Maria Tarasenko: Struggle against "parasite" ordinance is supported at international level

30.06.19 13:47
Maria Tarasenko, a member of the REP Trade Union from Gomel, who is well-known for her struggle against the notorious "parasite" presidential ordinance, has noted that her story of suing the state will be voiced out from the high UN rostrum.

"Over nine months, we received no appointments to matches": FIBA referees appeal to REP

24.06.19 13:40
Five out of nine Belarusian referees attested by the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) try to defend, through the court, their right to service international matches. After several fruitless attempts to get explanations from the leadership of the Belarusian Basketball Federation on why they are not appointed to referee matches.

Fedynich: people impoverishment can't yield economic success

24.06.19 13:37
The state can liquidate enterprises. But what can it offer in return?

GIPPO avenges with firing for information about rats and cockroaches in the store

24.06.19 13:35
"Many people told me: if you want to quit before the end of your contract, then, only under the article; no one will dismiss you by parties' mutual consent," says Oksana Vrublevskaya, who had worked for about a year as a senior cashier at the "Gippo" retailer store in Zaslavl.

Raipo manager takes loan to repay BYN 17,500-worth shortage

24.06.19 13:33
Zhanna Zapolskaya has worked as the head of Shop No. 3 "Solnechny" of Minsk Raipo (District Consumers' Society). On April 25, 2019, an inventory was held in the shop without her participation; she was simply informed that the detected shortage amounted to BYN 24,000.

There'll be fewer parasites: officials register their property to their wives

18.06.19 10:30
"The general picture of Belarus' socio-economic 'prosperity' is as follows: only 1% of employees live tolerably, more or less. After all, a salary of BYN 1000 is not so great money, and in any way – below the once USD 500. And all the rest of the population fails to…