Leonid Sudalenko: "Stop sending people to works they shouldn't do!"

14.05.18 13:25
The REP Trade Union is defending at trial the interests of Tatiana Romanova, a sister of Kirill Romanov, a driver of the paramilitary detachment of the Ministry for Emergency (MfE) of the Gomel Chemical Plant, who perished while cleaning the roof of a cowshed in the village near Gomel, when…

"I refuse to find myself guilty": final charge presented to Fedynich and Komlik

10.05.18 12:24
On May 8, Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik were finally charged with an especially large-scale tax evasion (Part 2, Article 243, of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus).

"Non-fulfilled economic demands become political sooner or later"

07.05.18 9:28
About 200 people gathered in the Kiev Mini-Park of Minsk for the May Day rally, organized by the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (known as BKDP).

REP Trade Union comes to May 1 rally in Minsk (photos)

07.05.18 9:20
The tense socio-economic situation in the country was also stressed by Sergey Kalyakin, the leader of the "Fair World" Belarusian Leftish Party:

Roofers announced boycott to court

07.05.18 8:53
On April 24, 14 claimants-members of the REP Trade Union left the courtroom after Judge Svetlana Smolina from the Moskovsky District Court of Minsk rejected the petition to conduct a handwriting examination of signatures to work contracts.

Construction foreman fired from Ostrovets NPP joins REP

07.05.18 8:51
On May 2, the Sovietsky District Court of Gomel, chaired by Judge Anatoly Kapustin, began a preliminary hearing on the lawsuit lodged by Sergey Rogovtsov, a foreman of the OJSC "Gomelpromstroy", who claims recovery of the average salary for the delay of the final settlement at dismissal, payment for overtime…

"Short-term contracts are weapons against unwanted workers"

07.05.18 8:46
The current workers' situation in Belarus was the topic of the talk of the website with Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the independent REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region.

It became known for what "parasites" will pay in full

07.05.18 8:43
The Belarus' Council of Ministers has adopted its Resolution No. 314 of April 24, 2018, that defines what housing and communal services will be compensated in full by "the persons unemployed in the national economy."