Yuri Belyakov on 'parasites': "You've committed no wrongdoing, but you're already persecuted and punished"

25.02.19 10:36
Igor Yakshevich, a resident of Minsk, has turned to the administration of the Moskovsky District with a demand to exclude him from the "parasite" database.

IndustriALL Global Union: "We never betray our members: REP can rely on us"

25.02.19 10:34
Vadim Borisov, the regional representative of the IndustriALL Global Union for the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), took part in the session of the Board of the REP Trade Union.

REP Trade Union examines working conditions at MTZ

21.02.19 10:07
On January 29, Yuri Belyakov, a legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, and Igor Komlik, the chairman of the REP's Minsk City Branch, visited the painting bay of Shop 91 of the Minsk Tractor Works (known by the trademark MTZ).

REP makes statement on Ordinance No. 1

21.02.19 9:53
On January 31, 2019, the Council of the REP Trade Union held its sitting in Minsk and adopted a joint appeal to residents of Belarus on the situation around the "parasite" Ordinances. Here is the full text of the appeal.

Garry Pogonyailo: "parasite" Ordinance is unconstitutional

20.02.19 10:04
Garry Pogonyailo, the well-known lawyer and rights defender, the chairman of the legal commission of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC), has analyzed the provisions of the scandalous Ordinance No. 3 and gives grounds for its unconstitutionality and arguments in favour of the need to cancel it, the writes.

Trading without shortage: a step-by-step guidance from a lawyer

20.02.19 9:56
From time to time we hear that employer try to blame their subordinate salespersons for the revealed shortages of goods at stores and warehouses, and sue them demanding to compensate the shortages from their own money. How to legally avoid this?

"Vacancy fairs", promoted by officials, are absolute profanation

18.02.19 10:32
It is not the first time that the authorities are trying to show that in Belarus everything is OK in the sphere of employment. Among such demonstration tools are the so-called "vacancy fairs", intended to show that there are attractive job vacancies in the country.

Gennady Fedynich: The articles and the judgement are surely customized

18.02.19 10:29
Article 153 of the Civil Code, referred to by respondents, the court and us, clearly defines the procedure for defending one's honour, dignity and business reputation.