Galina Smirnova awaits judgement in IVS for two days

15.03.17 15:04
In Bobruisk, they continue trying participants of the “Non-Parasite March”. The managed to contact Galina Smirnova, the leader of the Bobruisk city organization of the REP Trade Union.

They launch judicial conveyor in Bobruisk

15.03.17 12:15
In Bobruisk, activists of the REP Trade Union are tried, who took an active part in the campaign against the ordinance "on parasitism". The mobile phone of Galina Smirnova, the local trade union leader, detained on March 13, would not answer.

Vasily Beresnev, Board Member of the REP Trade Union, arrested for 15 days

13.03.17 12:09
The trade union activist was detained after the "Non-Parasite March" in Orsha on March 12.

Galina Smirnova: "I really hope that people understand how we all need solidarity and unity now"

11.03.17 12:04
Galina Smirnova, the regional leader of the REP Trade Union from Bobruisk called on Belarusians to exhibit solidarity and show that the people will not retract until the authorities acknowledge their mistake and abolish the absurd Ordinance No. 3.

Activist of REP Trade Union tells with humour about search in Bobruisk

10.03.17 11:46
On the eve of the "Non-Parasite March", which was scheduled for last Sunday, militiamen came to the united office of the United Civil Party (UCP) and the REP Trade Union.

They want to try Leonid Sudalenko for rally in Gomel

24.02.17 15:23
The legal inspector of the REP Trade Union was summoned to the militia station for drawing up a protocol on an administrative offence.

Court punishes veteran of Afghan war for collecting signatures against the Ordinance No. 3

23.02.17 15:19
Alexander Sakharuk, a resident of Brest, was found guilty, despite the fact that the law does not regulate the procedure of collecting signatures to petitions addressed to state bodies.

Brest townspeople express solidarity with Alexander Sakharuk at court

21.02.17 15:15
Several dozens of people, who came today, on February 20, to the Moskovsky District Court of Brest to support the REP Trade Union activist, stood up in the courtroom and lifted posters with the inscription: "I collected signatures for abolition of Ordinance No. 3”.