Zinaida Mikhniuk: the pension "trap" will touch everyone

16.03.18 10:20
The REP Trade Union has held a social poll on Belarusians' attitude to the enforced pension reform. 60% of respondents said that they are ready to express their dissatisfaction with it in one form or another.

Sergey Antonchik: International trade union solidarity has weight

16.03.18 10:18
Sergey Antonchik, one of the organizers of the labour movement in Belarus in 1990s, a former MP, told the website why the authorities needed the "trade union case", and how it could end.

Victory! "Milkavita" gives up its claims to employees

16.03.18 10:16
Four workers of the "Milkavita" Dairy, members of the REP Trade Union, will not pay for the milk shortage, of which they had been accused: now, the employer has no claims to employees.

Fedynich: over 400 REP activists from 35 regions questioned under "trade union case"

16.03.18 10:12
During one month only, the number of REP members, interrogated by the Investigating Committee under the so-called "tax evasion case", has doubled.

Walter Sanchez: "We are in solidarity with REP Trade Union"

05.03.18 8:58
Walter Sanchez, Secretary-General of the Global Union IndustriALL, sent a solidarity support letter to Gennady Fedynich, Chairman of the Belarusian Independent REP Trade Union.

Kemal Ozkan: "It's shameful that Belarusian workers continue suffering from stupid Govt's decisions"

13.02.18 9:49
According to the new Belarus' Presidential Ordinance, the unemployed will have to reimburse the cost of state-subsidized services.

Belarus: unemployed will pay more for public services

06.02.18 13:31
A new presidential decree in Belarus has ruled that unemployed workers will be subject to additional charges for public services subsidized by the state.

"We had no year like this one"

16.01.18 11:56
Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the independent REP Trade Union, sums up the outgoing year 2017.