REP defends interests of former "Marco" workers from whom they claimed 6000 US dollars

09.02.17 7:38
After the inventory, bosses of the LLC "Marko" from Vitebsk demanded from women-workers of the buffet to repay the shortfall in the amount of 12,000 roubles (equal to about USD 6000).

In Bobruisk, unemployed are offered to catch stray animals

08.02.17 7:36
At the employment centre, a young professional with experience of tower crane driver was offered a job of capturing stray animals.

Brest authorities want to punish REP activist for collecting signatures against Ordinance No. 3

08.02.17 7:30
"Taking up arms at 19 in a foreign country was legal, but peacefully collecting signatures in my homeland against the unjust ordinance is illegal, why?" Alexander Sakharuk, a veteran of the Afghan War and an activist of the REP Trade Union, put this question to the militiaman, who accused him…

REP Trade Union sends thousands of signatures collected for abolition of Ordinance No. 3 to President's Administration

02.02.17 7:42
On February 1, the REP Trade Union began dispatching electronic and written signatures, put by Belarusians for the abolition of the ordinance "on parasitism".

"People not only confirmed their signatures, but also criticized the ordinance"

31.01.17 7:38
In Bobruisk, Galina Smirnova, an activist of the REP Trade Union, was returned the earlier confiscated documents with collected signatures against the ordinance "on parasitism". She is confident that it happened due to the firm position of people who, despite the intimidation by militiamen, have confirmed their signatures.

Militia confiscate thousand signatures for abolition of ordinance "on parasitism"

30.01.17 7:35
In Bobruisk, on the tenth day of collecting signatures for the abolition of the ordinance "on parasitism", Galina Smirnova, an activist of the REP Trade Union, was detained. It happened after a meeting with the MP Vitaly Vlasevich.

Gomel residents demand cancellation of Ordinance No. 3 (photo)

21.01.17 13:53
The Gomel Public-Political Centre (No. 52 Polesskaya Street) has launched the collection of signatures to the petition addressed to the Administration of the President and demanding to cancel Ordinance No. 3, which is notoriously popular among people as "ordinance on parasites". The collection of signatures was initiated by the independent…

"This is not Maydan; we just want to peacefully abolish Ordinance No. 3"

18.01.17 13:46
The REP Trade Union and human rights activists are launching a nationwide campaign of collecting signatures for the abolition of President's Ordinance No. 3 "On the Prevention of Social Dependency", notoriously known among people as the "ordinance on parasitism".