Raipo manager takes loan to repay BYN 17,500-worth shortage

24.06.19 13:33
Zhanna Zapolskaya has worked as the head of Shop No. 3 "Solnechny" of Minsk Raipo (District Consumers' Society). On April 25, 2019, an inventory was held in the shop without her participation; she was simply informed that the detected shortage amounted to BYN 24,000.

There'll be fewer parasites: officials register their property to their wives

18.06.19 10:30
"The general picture of Belarus' socio-economic 'prosperity' is as follows: only 1% of employees live tolerably, more or less. After all, a salary of BYN 1000 is not so great money, and in any way – below the once USD 500. And all the rest of the population fails to…

"Survive to retirement": why don't they include care for the disabled into insured period?

18.06.19 10:27
The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection finds it inexpedient to include the time of one's caretaking over Category I disabled persons into the insured period. This is stated in the response of V. Kovalkov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection, sent to the REP Trade Union.

If we go on being silent, Belarus will become a country of pensioners who have nowhere to get their pensions from

18.06.19 10:25
Minsk hosted a sitting of the coordinating council of the women's trade union network and the training seminar "Family Gender Upbringing". At the sitting, activists discussed the progress of women's leadership in the regions, as well as the social and labour problems they have to face.

"Conditions are anti-sanitary; cash machines struck with current; and we aren't paid for overtime": a "Gippo" cashier from Zaslavl turned to REP

18.06.19 10:22
For about a year, Oksana Vrublevskaya has been working as a senior cashier at the "Gippo" Hypermarket, which is located in the dwelling settlement of Zaslavl. She believes that the store bosses are repeatedly violating the labour legislation.

Discrimination by trade union membership? Team of MTZ painters asks bosses to solve their problems

18.06.19 10:19
For a long time, MTZ women-painters – all members of the REP Trade Union – for various reasons could not get an appointment with the above Mr Suslenkov. Finally, the meeting took place on April 11.

Andrei Strizhak: "We are a part of a large trade union family, which does not allow it to be offended"

03.06.19 12:04
On May 15-17, Brussels hosted the IndustriALL Global Union's European Regional Conference "Strengthening Trade Unions' Power in Enlarged Europe". The Belarusian independent trade unions took part in the conference: Lizaveta Merlyak represented the BNP, and Andrei Strizhak, a Council member of the REP Trade Union, represented his organization.

"Each medal has two faces"

03.06.19 12:00
The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (known as the FPB) has awarded President Alexander Lukashenko the jubilee medal "115 Years of Trade Union Movement in Belarus". Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the REP Trade Union, has commented on this award and on the topics discussed at Orda's meeting with…