Precedent: Judicial Board confirms the right of trade union lawyer to work in courts on par with advocate

21.05.14 10:30
"In large, the union should 'stand a drink' to the judge, who gave birth to such a wonderful precedent," says Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector for the REP Trade Union.

"Bureaucrats disregard subordination and read President's letters it's not polite"

21.05.14 9:01
Activists of the REP Trade Union urge the head of the state to increase the minimum wages and pensions.

Authorities close eyes on workers' discrimination by union membership at "Steklovolokno"

20.05.14 16:45
The Belarusian presidential administration would not consider the appeal of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (known as SPB).

Conflict of the cashier of the store "Noah's Ark" with administration ended in amicable agreement

19.05.14 16:37
Svetlana Bushinskaya agreed to leave by mutual agreement of the parties, while the employer shall pay out all the bonuses illegally withheld during the labour dispute.

Volleyball players of Mogilev "Tekhnopribor" demand payment of many-months salary debt

19.05.14 16:21
The head coach of the volleyball team has already joined the REP Trade Union.

T-shirts with inscription "For Belarus without contracts!" disappear from the luggage of REP Trade Union leader at Minsk Airport

15.05.14 16:40
Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman of the REP Trade Union, was going to present the T-shirts as souvenirs to his colleagues from the Swedish IF Metall Trade Union at their Congress that starts these days in Stockholm.

Prosecutors` inspection of Mozyr Oil Refinery yields fruit

13.05.14 10:37
Although the fruit is not quite as expected by the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP).

Independent Workers' Union of "Naftan" sues Novopolotsk City Executive Committee

06.05.14 16:08
"Union's honour is degraded; how long should they mock at us?"