Hostel porters of Slonim ZhREO revenged for joining REP

02.02.15 10:48
"We were openly told: if not for your REP membership, you could continue working in your earlier places," the women-porters complain.

FPB introduces its own "vertical" following president's model

23.01.15 10:50
The Presidium of the Council of Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (known as FPB) has adopted a resolution on introduction of a new job position. From now on, FPB representatives will work in every region and every district of the country.

Militia pay visit to REP Trade Union's office

23.01.15 10:49
Today, on January 23, militiamen have visited the office of the REP Trade Union, allegedly, to make some check. Later, the real aim of their visit became clear.

REP unionists want to change the contract system. Minsk City Executive Committee is against

21.01.15 6:51
The Minsk City Executive Committee has rejected the applications submitted by two activists of the REP Trade Union, Igor Komlik and Nikolai Pokhabov, on holding the foundation meeting of the initiative group aiming to amend the labour legislation.

"Employers use Ordinance No. 5 for hidden dismissals"

15.01.15 17:55
More than ten employees, who have turned, within the first weeks of 2015, to the legal service of the REP Trade Union, complain that their employers, referring to Ordinance No. 5, have offered them obviously unacceptable working conditions.

Despite pressure, 17 women-employees of Slonim ZhREO remain with REP Trade Union

13.01.15 17:53
The rest of the porters of the hostels in the city of Slonim, belonging to the local ZhREO (Housing Repairs and Utilities Association), were forced – under the pressure of their bosses – to return into the pro-governmental trade union.

Gennady Fedynich: "If we stop developing, we'll perish"

12.01.15 17:51
The Chairman of the Trade Union of Radio-Electronic Industry (the REP Trade Union) explained the, why his trade union has raised the issue of quitting the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (known as BKDP).

"I have no words to characterise this ordinance. It's not even slavery – it's prison!"

18.12.14 9:18
Zhanna Zaprivarina, the head of the legal service of the REP Trade Union, is shocked by the new Lukashenko's ordinance. In her opinion, the drafters of the document saw not people, but slaves, in the working people. What consequences may the enforcement, since January 1 next year, of President's Ordinance…