Nikolai Pokhabov: workers complain about wage debts, unpaid leaves and layoffs

19.03.15 8:26
Activists of primary organizations of the REP Trade Union of the Minsk Region are actively involved in their report and election meeting, where they elect delegates to the 9th Congress of the REP Trade Union and discuss the problems that are typical today for most enterprises – wage debts, unpaid…

REP has reached extension of labour contracts with workers of Slonim ZhREO by three years

17.03.15 9:53
Earlier, the administration wanted to dismiss the porters of the hostels belonging to the Slonim ZhREO (housing and utilities entities), but the REP Trade Union interfered.

"When official of this level ignores the court's ruling, I feel ashamed for whole Belarusian Themis"

16.03.15 9:30
The Gomel regional branch of the Department of State Labour Inspectorate is deliberately ignoring the ruling of the court and refuses to recognize the worker's trauma as an industrial injury. In his comment on the situation, Leonid Sudalenko, the lawyer of the REP Trade Union, said that he was "ashamed…

"Boss kicked us out of the trailer and told me to clean up the territory"

13.03.15 11:36
Bosses from the administration of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Borisov DOK" (a woodworking enterprise) continue putting pressure on Natalia Savinova, a member of the REP Trade Union, a Category 5 crane operator at the loading bay; they do not even hide the fact that all this is because of…

Union lawyer was not allowed to be present during search of activists' apartment

12.03.15 11:29
Today, on March 12, the apartment of Alyona Borisova and Igor Borisov, members of the Bobruisk city primary organization of the REP Trade Union was searched.

Workers of "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" are persuaded to become associate SPB members

10.03.15 11:33
The reason was the employer's misconduct, who, learning that union membership fees are transferred through the accounting department, began putting pressure on union members.

Senior Foreman to REP member: I demand no explanatory notes from others; and you write it

05.03.15 11:31
Officials from the administration of OJSC "Borisov DOK" put pressure on female worker who filed a lawsuit against the employer.

"Today, all workers are in their workplaces"

02.03.15 11:27
Today, we are talking to Mikhail Sashko, the chairman of a very young Slonim primary organization of the REP Trade Union, the members of which have already seen the real sense of its existence.