"We'll never come back to you – you'd have defended our rights when we asked about it"

18.12.14 9:04
About 30 women-porters of the Slonim ZhREO (housing and utility service) have escaped layoffs. But their fight is not over. Now, the agenda focuses on how to resist pressure of their bosses and stay with the REP Trade Union and how to extend their labour contracts, which expire in a…

"Edict vests employers with unlimited power to dispose workers' fates"

17.12.14 8:56
The REP Trade Union demands to cancel President's Ordinance No. 5 from December 15, 2014 "On strengthening requirements to executives and workers of organizations".

"On strengthening requirements to executives and workers of organizations"

16.12.14 9:28
Ordinance No. 5 from December 15, 2014

Fired for appearing in the shop without outerwear

16.12.14 8:49
A labour veteran was dismissed from "Granit" under a slight pretext. "Bosses have long been trying to impose a penalty on every worker in order to use it as a reason for non-extension of labour contract," a BNP activist Oleg Stakhaevich told the

"It can not be that forty people lost their contracts"

11.12.14 13:03
Head of the CUE "Slonim ZhREO" promised to cancel the dismissal order of porters and extend their labour contracts.

"Under Alexander Yaroshuk's leadership BKDP won't be able to timely and efficiently react to violations of workers' rights"

08.12.14 13:00
The Belarusian Trade Union of Workers of Radio Electronic Industry (known as the REP Trade Union) may quit the Association of Independent Trade Unions "Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions" (known as BKDP).

"International solidarity is much higher than solidarity within BKDP"

06.12.14 18:41
On December 5, the city of Minsk hosted the 9th reporting-electing Congress of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (known as BKDP).

"ZhREO director yelled at girls, asking why they didn't like his trade union"

04.12.14 8:39
Porters of the CUE "Slonim ZhREO" are forced to quit REP Trade Union, calling it a "sect."