Driller writes to Lukashenko to reject the "shameful" unemployment allowance

11.04.14 7:58
"You better leave this trifle sum for yourself, or just buy a windshield wiper for your Maybach car," the worker wrote to the president. Alexander Konovalov was fired after asking his bosses from the administration why his premium was reduced.

REP Trade Union offers to protect bona fide workers against dismissal

10.04.14 17:00
The union believes that the right to extend the labour contract should belong not only to employers but also to employees.

At Mozyr Oil Refinery, pressure on BNP members continues

08.04.14 9:42
Yuri Shvets, the chairman of the primary BNP organization has turned to the Prosecutor's Office.

Solidarity in action: "Most of all I resent the fact that the registration was cancelled on the complaint of another trade union"

02.04.14 16:49
At OJSC "Naftan", conflict of two trade union primary organizations continues.

"We can scold Kozik as long as we want, but this will not increase the membership of independent trade unions"

31.03.14 11:49
Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman of the REP Trade Union, explains the, why he resigned as Deputy Chairman of the BKDP.

SPB activists kept their promise and go on hunger strike

25.03.14 15:23
The hunger strike at the Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Units (known as BZTDiA) is preventive and will last for 3 days.

"People are shocked – where have those figures come from?"

25.03.14 8:56
In the cities of Baranovichi and Mikashevichi, activists of independent trade unions have failed at the local elections. They diverged in the opinion of whether to participate in future elections.

BNP organization at OJSC "Naftan" joins Collective Agreement

24.03.14 8:49
However, according to unofficial information, the Novopolotsk City Executive Committee may reverse this decision.