Head of Slonim District states that discrimination of members of independent trade unions is unacceptable

01.03.15 11:24
On Wednesday, February 25, activists of the REP Trade Union visited the reception office of the district leader.

Porters of Slonim hostels could see their collective agreement only through intervention of the prosecutor's office

01.03.15 11:23
The REP Trade Union, where nearly 20 porters of the hostels belonging to the Slonim ZhREO are members, is outraged by the behaviour of employer, who violates the country's labour legislation.

Court sets precedent for denying employment because of disagreement of labour collective

01.03.15 11:14
The Leninsky District Court of the city of Mogilev has supported the employer and the pro-governmental trade union, who refused to employ Alexei Pavlovsky, a Category 5 bricklayer, allegedly because of disagreement of the labour collective.

Prosecutor's Office get interested in situation of hostel porters at Slonim ZhREO

25.02.15 7:30
The tenants of the hostels, who are now pressed by the administration because they had supported their porters, are now thinking about addressing law enforcement bodies.

"People are laughing here: Ordinance No. 5 has just been enacted, but factory director has already violated it"

24.02.15 7:27
The Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Aggregates (known as the BZTDiA) faces problems with salary payment of salaries and factory workload.

Administration of Slonim ZhREO demands to recall signatures in support of porters

22.02.15 7:23
Bosses threaten to administratively punish the hostel tenants, who spoke in defence of REP Trade Union members.

Has Director of "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" beaten a retreat in conflict with SPB?

20.02.15 11:13
Nikolai Kochanovskiy has recalled his cassation complaint against the decision of the Polotsk court, which had prohibited the administration of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" to prevent the chairman of the primary organization of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (known as SPB) to visit the enterprise.

Tenants of Slonim hostels stand up in defence of REP members

19.02.15 13:23
They put their signatures to the appeal addressed to the Director of the Slonim ZhREO (town communal and utilities entity) asking to return their former hostel porters who had been moved to other workplaces because of their joining the independent REP Trade Union.