REP activists: "Stop pressure on NPG!"

29.04.19 14:00
According to the latest information, under administration's pressure, over 1000 members were forced to quit the Independent Trade Union of Miners (known as the NPG and being the main part of the BNP – the Belarusian Independent Trade Union) of the OJSC "Belaruskali". Activists of the REP Trade Union express…

"Deceiving people is usual employers' practice": REP helps electrician to get money due under contract

29.04.19 13:54
An employer refused to pay in full, because the worker fulfilled the work faster. The JLLC "Natrix" concluded a contract agreement with Sergey Voroshilov, a member of the REP Trade Union, for electrical installation works, but paid only half of the agreed amount.

"It's inhuman to fill the budget with people's money": REP and rights defenders draft algorithm to counter "parasite ordinance"

29.04.19 13:52
On April 4, 2019, the REP's office housed a sitting of the initiative group consisting of rights defenders and union activists, who are designing an algorithm for countering Presidential Ordinances Nos. 3 and 1.

"Fact of theft established based on testimonies": new facts in the case of "Snov" driver

11.04.19 7:35
Almost a year later, the Nesvizh District Court has held a repeated consideration of the case of the theft of five litres of fuel. Judge Dmitry Gvozd has acknowledged the fact of fuel theft by Vyacheslav Syritsa, a driver of the "Snov" Agricultural Complex. The judgement was based on testimonies…

To reveal "parasites", officials telephone their friends. It is legal?

11.04.19 7:34
On March 14, Alexei, a resident of Polotsk, received a telephone call from an unknown number. A man introduced himself as chairman of one of the village councils of the Vitebsk Region and asked where Alexei's girlfriend lives and what she does. But the conversation failed.

Court rules a refusal, but Maria Tarasenko's "parasite" case is not over

11.04.19 7:25
Andrei Strizhak, one of Maria Tarasenko's legal representatives from the REP Trade Union at the trial, tells about further actions at the woman's "parasite" litigation.

Housewife claims BYN 1000 for calling her "not employed in the economy"

11.04.19 7:24
The Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Gomel is considering a lawsuit lodged by Maria Tarasenko, who protests against her inclusion into the database of "persons not participating in financing state expenditures".

Former "Minsktrans" employee: turn on voice recorders and make facts of pressure public – this is the only way to achieve justice

11.04.19 7:22
After 1300 people signed a petition about the problems of public transport and violations of working conditions, the "Minsktrans" began putting pressure on the signatories. A letter appeared on the Internet urging the employees to revoke their signatures.