Andrei Strizhak: "Rulers can make the trial on 'trade union case' closed"

07.08.18 9:44
Yulia Lyaskova, the press secretary of the Belarusian Supreme Court, wrote on her Facebook that, perhaps, not everyone will be able to get to the trial of REP leaders.

They can ban picket, not solidarity

07.08.18 9:43
This spring, practically in all regions of Belarus pickets were applied for against the criminal prosecution of Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik, leaders of the REP Trade Union, the "Viasna" Human Rights Centre reports.

"Pension parity kills motivation for work": how much Belarusians donate to pension fund and how much they get back

07.08.18 9:42
Belarusians can now calculate their future pensions by using the social protection online calculator. The FINANCE.TUT.BY has compared pensions of various retired professionals and estimated how much an average Belarusian deducts to the pension fund, and how much he/she could accumulate by retirement if deductions could be saved at one's…

In Belarus, 103,000 people live in "modern slavery"

07.08.18 9:40
The Walk Free Foundation has released its new Global Slavery Index. In this anti-rating, Belarus occupies the 20th place among 167 countries. According to rights defenders, 103,000 people, or 1% of the country's population, are in servitude. This data is published by the

Vitebsk REP leader: case against Fedynich and Komlik is made of nothing

21.07.18 10:17
On July 9, a meeting of members of the Vitebsk branch of the REP Trade Union took place: more than a dozen activists headed by Georgy Razumov, the branch leader, had to meet in a café because last year the branch lost its rented office.

Zinaida Mikhnyuk: "Even miners have higher retirement age: they will die right in the mine"

21.07.18 10:16
"What will happen if men's retirement age is raised again?" the website asked Zinaida Mikhnyuk, the chair of the Brest regional branch of the REP Trade Union.

Oleg Zhelnov achieves cancellation of his arrest

21.07.18 9:47
On July 10, the Mogilev Regional Court overturned the decision of the Bobruisk City Court to bring Oleg Zhelnov, a blogger and an activist of the REP Trade Union, to administrative responsibility, and ruled to send his case to a new consideration, the website reports.

Elena Maslyukova to appeal against banned picket in support of REP Trade Union

21.07.18 9:46
Elena Maslyukova, a rights defender from Svetlogorsk, will appeal against the court judgement in the case of the ban of a picket in support of the REP Trade Union.