Independent trade union continues fighting for the registration of additional agreement at "Naftan"

29.08.14 7:39
The Vitebsk Regional Court has dismissed the claim of the primary organization to the Novopolotsk City Executive Committee demanding to reverse the decision to cancel the registration of the additional agreement. Union activists have filed a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office.

Court found no discrimination in the Collective Agreement at "Steklovolokno"

26.08.14 7:36
The Polotsk City Court refused to consider the claim lodged by the Free Trade Union of Belarus (known as SPB) against the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" demanding to eliminate discrimination in labour relations.

Worker of Orsha power grid wins lawsuit on honour and dignity

20.08.14 9:39
His boss was fined by 750,000 roubles.

During half a year lawyers of REP Trade Union adjudged over 178 million roubles in favour of unionists

15.08.14 10:42
During the first six months of 2014, the lawyers of the REP Trade Union helped to return – at various litigations – 178.34 million roubles illegally deducted from or underpaid to union members.

REP Trade Union leader asks Labour Minister to protect worker traumatized at factory

14.08.14 10:40
Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman of REP Trade Union, has appealed to the Minister of Labour and Social Protection Marianna Schotkina urging her to urgently intervene in the case of the former worker of the Gomel Chemical Factory. The union leader questions the objectivity and professionalism of the Ministry's official Vladimir…

Employer tries to escape responsibility by indirectly accusing REP Trade Union member of signature forgery

12.08.14 14:39
On August 11, the Luninets District Court held its second session on the suit of Elena Dubonosova against entrepreneur Alexei Katsuba.

"Belaruskali" workers are no allowed to hold picket

12.08.14 6:05
The Soligorsk District Executive Committee has notified the Independent Trade Union of Miners (known as NPG) that the union picket on social issues scheduled for August 15 was banned.

Librarian from Bobruisk achieves reinstatement at work through the court

08.08.14 9:58
On August 7, the Judge Elena Mankevich made a decision demanding from the employer to reinstate Svetlana Gritsenko, a librarian of the Bobruisk district library, at work and to pay her more than 8 million roubles for the enforced absenteeism and more than a million roubles as compensation of moral…