Bobruisk REP unionists and democratic activists are ready to join hunger-strikers

12.11.14 11:55
Public activists and residents of Bobruisk have appealed to the city Mayor asking him to interfere into the labour conflict at the Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Aggregates (known as BZTDiA). They are ready to join the workers' hunger strike.

"First let ZhREO boss explain why his relatives work, and ordinary people are sacked"

11.11.14 11:33
The REP Trade Union protects the rights of 30 watchmen of Slonim factory hostels, earlier transferred to ZhREO.

On Monday, new people can join the hunger strike of Bobruisk workers

05.11.14 11:31
Mikhail Kovalkov, the leader of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB), has reported about the first day of the warning hunger strike held by the workers dismissed from the Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Aggregates (known as BZTDiA).

Dismissed BZTDiA workers ready to hunger strike until President hears them

03.11.14 19:20
The members of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB) Nikolai Zhibul, Oleg Shevchenko, Alexander Varankin and Alexander Gramyko may go on a hunger strike this Wednesday.

Administration of Slonim Spinning Factory returns illegally withheld money back to workers

31.10.14 8:52
Bosses have reacted to a strike warning and cancelled an unjust order under which workers' wages had been essentially reduced.

Belarusian trade unions of IndustriALL ready to fight against contracts, but in different ways

28.10.14 8:34
The participants in the seminar organized by the Global Union IndustriALL have agreed that the labour contracts used in Belarus represent one of the forms of non-standard employment, which is fought against by workers of the world. However, so far, they have failed to find a general solution to the…

Why ambulance paramedic has joined REP Trade Union

27.10.14 10:18
Alexander Volchanin, a highest-qualification ambulance paramedic with 30 years of work experience, has explained why he had quitted the pro-governmental trade union.

Orda becomes FPB head

24.10.14 10:01
Like his predecessor, he is guided by the words of President Lukashenko – that was the first thing he confirmed in his new position.