"People are shocked – where have those figures come from?"

25.03.14 8:56
In the cities of Baranovichi and Mikashevichi, activists of independent trade unions have failed at the local elections. They diverged in the opinion of whether to participate in future elections.

BNP organization at OJSC "Naftan" joins Collective Agreement

24.03.14 8:49
However, according to unofficial information, the Novopolotsk City Executive Committee may reverse this decision.

"I told Lukashenko into the TV 'Stop lying!'"

20.03.14 10:55
The head of the state has instructed his Government, Regional and Minsk City Executive Committees to seek opportunities to significantly increase salaries of school teachers and kindergarten educators. Do they trust in Lukashenko's promises?

In regions, activists use local elections to promote ideas of independent trade unions

17.03.14 12:42
In Mikashevichi and Baranovichi three trade unionists run for deputies.

"On paper, most are in FPB, but in convictions they are in independent trade union"

17.03.14 7:04
Oleg Stakhaevich, the leader of the primary trade union organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) at the Republic's Unitary Production Enterprise (RUPE) "Granit", has told the about the current situation in the town of Mikashevichi and his participation in the session of the UN Human Rights Council.

SPB can replace "Belkhimprofsoyuz" in IndustriALL

13.03.14 8:11
On March 10-12, officials of the Global Union IndustriALL held their mission to Belarus and met leaders of independent and pro-governmental trade unions.

Hidden staff reduction at "Naftan"?

09.03.14 8:06
The production shops of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Naftan" are transformed into a separate unitary enterprise. The Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) treats it as hidden reduction of labour force.

Category 5 tower crane operator, Afghan War Veteran, rejected contract extension

05.03.14 17:26
Bosses of the OJSC "Building Trust (Stroytrest) No. 8" have proposed Alexander Sakharuk, a REP Trade Union activist, to change his position of crane operator for a road worker, or to resign. The trade union has found the proposal cynical.