"With such tariff rate, I can't earn even the floor salary, although my working day is one hour longer"

21.07.18 9:45
The employment epic of Mikhail Soshko, a mechanic and an activist of the REP Trade Union, fired from the Slonim Worsted-Spinning Factory, continues as a temporary worker, the "Gazeta Slonimskaya" writes.

Victor Marchik: "No surprise if they introduce 'parasite's' passport"

21.07.18 9:44
The official Federation of Belarusian Trade Unions (known as FPB) has offered to control the labour migration. What does this mean in practice? Will Belarusians be restricted from travelling abroad? Will those who work abroad be equated to "parasites"? Victor Marchik, an activist of the REP Trade Union from Slonim…

"Your unwillingness to work is no reason to fire you": how trade networks would not let workers out

09.07.18 12:55
Today, a large part of appeals to the REP Trade Union are requests to help people to quit the workplace. Yuri Belyakov, a lawyer of the REP Trade Union, speaks about his experience of negotiating with employers.

UCP stands up in defence of REP

09.07.18 12:54
On July 8, Minsk hosted the 18th Congress of the United Civil Party (UCP) of Belarus, which also raised the issue of the prosecution of the REP Trade Union.

Gomel: commissions on "parasites" will work behind closed doors

09.07.18 12:52
Without explaining the reasons, the Gomel City Executive Committee, has rejected the request of the REP Trade Union to include Leonid Sudalenko, the local REP's legal inspector, into the city commission for promoting employment.

Andrei Strizhak: "Contracts are not extended for 20 years. They've just understood that!"

09.07.18 12:51
The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (known as FPB) has criticized the government because the norm on the mandatory extension of labour relations with bona fide workers was not included into the draft of the updated Labour Code.

"Trade union case" discussed at Polish Sejm

09.07.18 12:48
The situation in Belarus was discussed at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Seim (Parliament).

Zinaida Mikhnyuk: "I respect young people who hate working for soup bowl"

09.07.18 12:45
The has asked Zinaida Mikhnyuk, the head of the Brest regional branch of the REP Trade Union, to comment on the situation in the labour market: