Georgian unionists protest at Belarusian Embassy

22.03.18 9:43
Activists of Georgian trade unions have expressed support for the REP Trade Union and demanded from Belarusian Govt to respect and follow ILO Conventions Nos. 87 and 105.

Gomel authorities ban picket against REP persecution

22.03.18 9:39
Vitaly Atamanchuk, a Deputy Chair of the Gomel City Executive Committee, has denied an application lodged by Andrei Strizhak and Leonid Sudalenko, activists of the Gomel branch of the REP Trade Union, to hold picket in defence of the REP on March 15, the Day of the Belarusian Constitution.

REP Trade Union leaders detained at border

22.03.18 9:36
The Belarusian State Customs Committee and State Frontier Committee have "congratulated" two women, Zinaida Mikhniuk, the REP Deputy Chair, and Anna Dus, the Youth Network Coordinator, by taking them off the train and subjecting to inspection and personal search on the border.

Torquild Hansen: "I want to remind the whole world about repressions in Belarus"

22.03.18 9:32
Activists of the Danish 3F Trade Union, a partner of the REP Trade Union, told the Danish Parliament about the persecution of the REP Trade Union and demanded for their MPs to take this fact into account when contacting Belarusian authorities.

Olesya Sadovskaya claims compensation of moral harm for illegal detention of her daughter

22.03.18 9:29
Olesya Sadovskaya, a member of the REP Trade Union from Molodechno (a district centre), has filed a claim for compensation of moral harm she had suffered when her daughter was placed into adopted family for eight months on the basis of an illegal diagnosis of her mother.

Court rules that Grodno Bus Fleet violates drivers' rights

16.03.18 10:22
Nikolai Murach, a colleague of the driver who jumped from the bridge in a suicide attempt, has won the litigation versus the Grodno Bus Fleet.

Zinaida Mikhniuk: the pension "trap" will touch everyone

16.03.18 10:20
The REP Trade Union has held a social poll on Belarusians' attitude to the enforced pension reform. 60% of respondents said that they are ready to express their dissatisfaction with it in one form or another.

Sergey Antonchik: International trade union solidarity has weight

16.03.18 10:18
Sergey Antonchik, one of the organizers of the labour movement in Belarus in 1990s, a former MP, told the website why the authorities needed the "trade union case", and how it could end.