Trade union and NGO activists of Bobruisk start "Our Rights" campaign

14.07.14 9:40
Civil society activists of Bobruisk join forces to improve townspeople's legal awareness in the sphere of labour.

At Mozyr Oil Refinery, they pay with "posts" for quitting independent trade union

14.07.14 8:06
Another case has been fixed of moving illegitimate demands by administration to workers.

REP Trade Union continues its long struggle for legalization of its structures

10.07.14 10:13
A few days ago the authorities denied registration of two primary organizations of the REP Trade Union, and in both cases illegally.

Three years after SPB moved the demand, bosses introduced surcharges to workers

08.07.14 10:10
Operators at the "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" began receiving about 600,000 roubles of extra salary.

Why do they collect 50-rouble banknotes for Lukashenko?

02.07.14 15:36
Activists of the REP Trade Union have launched fundraising for the 20th anniversary of the authoritarian rule of Alexander Lukashenko. "Maybe someone will smile at this action, but for the majority of Belarusians is no laughing matter," said Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the REP Trade Union.

Why has BKDP refrained from creating coordinating boards in regions?

26.06.14 12:09
Leaders of independent trade unions made their comments on the situation to the

Workers angered with actions of "Belaruskali" bosses

26.06.14 8:28
"The territory of the First Mining Department is a sort of an autonomous republic, which obeys to no laws."

Sergey Cherkasov, leader of “Belaruskali” miners: “Workers’ dismissal is out of question.”

20.06.14 8:26
The Independent Trade Union of Miners (NPG) is fighting for preservation of social guarantees for the workers of the units withdrawn from the "Belaruskali".