"Independent trade union will always tell authorities where there is a problem"

03.06.14 12:32
On May 27, the city of Minsk hosted a constituent assembly of the primary organization of the REP Trade Union of the Minsk Region. "The most important thing for us is to be legitimate," said Nikolai Pokhabov, the chairman of the organization.

"ILO should develop new affection mechanisms. There's no reason to expect authorities' goodwill"

02.06.14 6:27
What are the expectations of independent trade unions from the 103rd Session of the International Labour Conference that opened on Wednesday, May 28, in Geneva.

"They'll soon rope people to land and take passports away, not to let them leave"

01.06.14 6:19
The new Lukashenko's Edict will contradict the Constitution and have negative consequences for the authorities, activists of independent trade unions told the

Mogilev volleyball players were not aware that they had been fired

28.05.14 12:29
It was a discovery for the players of the "Tekhnopribor" Volleyball Club (VC) that they had been fired for absenteeism. The club lawyer is suspected of document forgery.

"Why wasn't traumatized worker hospitalized for 2.5 hours?"

22.05.14 10:28
Leonid Sudalenko, a lawyer of the REP Trade Union, has demonstrated, by taking an injured worker as an example, how employers and state bodies collude and break the law to avoid liability for industrial accidents.

Precedent: Judicial Board confirms the right of trade union lawyer to work in courts on par with advocate

21.05.14 10:30
"In large, the union should 'stand a drink' to the judge, who gave birth to such a wonderful precedent," says Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector for the REP Trade Union.

"Bureaucrats disregard subordination and read President's letters it's not polite"

21.05.14 9:01
Activists of the REP Trade Union urge the head of the state to increase the minimum wages and pensions.

Authorities close eyes on workers' discrimination by union membership at "Steklovolokno"

20.05.14 16:45
The Belarusian presidential administration would not consider the appeal of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (known as SPB).