T-shirts with inscription "For Belarus without contracts!" disappear from the luggage of REP Trade Union leader at Minsk Airport

15.05.14 16:40
Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman of the REP Trade Union, was going to present the T-shirts as souvenirs to his colleagues from the Swedish IF Metall Trade Union at their Congress that starts these days in Stockholm.

Prosecutors` inspection of Mozyr Oil Refinery yields fruit

13.05.14 10:37
Although the fruit is not quite as expected by the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP).

Independent Workers' Union of "Naftan" sues Novopolotsk City Executive Committee

06.05.14 16:08
"Union's honour is degraded; how long should they mock at us?"

"I tried to explain Lukashenko: you can starve the unemployed as long as you wish, but they can't create jobs themselves!"

05.05.14 15:47
Alexander Konovalov, a resident of the city of Mozyr, states that he has received a run-around from the Presidential Administration in response to his appeal. Hoping to draw President's attention to problems of jobless workers, he went to court.

Authorities ban May Day rally of Independent Trade Unions

30.04.14 9:39
The Minsk City Executive Committee has rejected the respective application, Sergey Antusevich, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BKDP), told the

Driller writes to Lukashenko to reject the "shameful" unemployment allowance

11.04.14 7:58
"You better leave this trifle sum for yourself, or just buy a windshield wiper for your Maybach car," the worker wrote to the president. Alexander Konovalov was fired after asking his bosses from the administration why his premium was reduced.

REP Trade Union offers to protect bona fide workers against dismissal

10.04.14 17:00
The union believes that the right to extend the labour contract should belong not only to employers but also to employees.

At Mozyr Oil Refinery, pressure on BNP members continues

08.04.14 9:42
Yuri Shvets, the chairman of the primary BNP organization has turned to the Prosecutor's Office.