SPB can replace "Belkhimprofsoyuz" in IndustriALL

13.03.14 8:11
On March 10-12, officials of the Global Union IndustriALL held their mission to Belarus and met leaders of independent and pro-governmental trade unions.

Hidden staff reduction at "Naftan"?

09.03.14 8:06
The production shops of the Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Naftan" are transformed into a separate unitary enterprise. The Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) treats it as hidden reduction of labour force.

Category 5 tower crane operator, Afghan War Veteran, rejected contract extension

05.03.14 17:26
Bosses of the OJSC "Building Trust (Stroytrest) No. 8" have proposed Alexander Sakharuk, a REP Trade Union activist, to change his position of crane operator for a road worker, or to resign. The trade union has found the proposal cynical.

SPB agrees with BZTDiA Administration

27.02.14 10:58
The activists of the primary organization of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB) of the workers of the Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Units (known as BZTDiA) have decided to reregister their union cell, which leaves hope for further collective bargaining.

Leader of Baranovichi organization of REP Trade Union runs for deputy

26.02.14 10:55
Grigory Gryk has been registered as a candidate for the BaranovichiCity the Brest Regional Soviets of People's Deputies.

What pension will the MPs, who accused the REP Trade Union of "kindling dependent moods", receive themselves?

21.02.14 10:51
The MPs have refused to raise the minimum pension, as proposal by REP activists. Meanwhile, as the has learnt, former MPs get their 6-times-higher pensions than most of ordinary Belarusian pensioners.

REP Trade Union supports Maidan fighters

21.02.14 10:48
The Presidium of the Belarusian Trade Union of Radio and Electronics Workers (known as REP) has adopted a statement in support of the protesters at the Euromaidan in Kiev. The unionists are sure that "any power in any country, where citizens' rights and freedoms are violated, will see its own…

REP activists sent appeal to Premier Myasnikovich

19.02.14 7:54
In the city of Baranovichi, activists of the REP Trade Union have collected signatures to the collective appeal addressed to the Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich. "We hope that Myasnikovich will think about the situation, in which Belarusians now find themselves," say the unionists.