REP allowed holding rally in one city out of ten

05.10.16 19:34
The REP Trade Union will mark the World Day for Decent Work by a picket in Brest. The applied actions in other cities and towns were not sanctions by local authorities.

Trade union leader on worker's suicide: "Many families face lack of money"

29.09.16 19:32
Mikhail Kovalkov, the leader of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (known as the SPB) has commented on the suicide of a worker of the Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Units (BZTDiA).

"If they increase retirement age again, there'll be nobody to receive pensions"

27.09.16 19:28
Leaders of independent trade unions comment on IMF's recommendation to Belarusian authorities to increase the retirement age.

Independent trade unions prepare wave of actions for decent work

27.09.16 10:39
Four unions intend to hold numerous pickets across the country.

REP Trade Union seeks re-instatement of illegally fired Slonim porters

23.09.16 18:41
In the course of considering the lawsuit on re-instatement, a number of violations of the law were revealed committed by the administration of former Republic's Unitary Enterprise (RUE) "Slonim ZhREO" (housing maintenance organization), recently transformed into Communal Unitary Enterprise (CUE) "Slonim ZhKKh".

Lawyers of REP and BNP Trade Unions share experiences

23.09.16 18:34
On September 14, the office of the REP Trade Union hosted a meeting of lawyers of the REP and BNP Trade Unions, the reports.

Leonid Dubonosov: "There've always been falsifications – and they are still there"

15.09.16 9:35
One of the few activists of the REP Trade Union, who had decided to participate in the parliamentary elections as a candidate for an MP, has commented on the out comes of the election campaign.

"Decision of the REP Trade Union to ignore elections was correct"

13.09.16 14:35
Gennady Fedynich, the REP Chairman, has commented on the outcomes of the parliamentary elections in Belarus.