30 days and 30 nights at work – for salary about USD 100 a month

13.03.19 10:22
The violations like paying wages below the established floor salary and exploitation of workers are not a new phenomenon in Belarus. Given the absence of no other work in the countryside, agrarians are forced to work not only for themselves but also for those, whom collective farm bosses decided not…

Andrei Strizhak: Work of "parasite commissions" shows inefficiency of the entire state system

13.03.19 10:16
On February 28, 2019, Andrei Strizhak, a board member of the REP Reade Union from Gomel, answered the questions of the "Radio Racyja" (RR) about the REP's struggle against Presidential Ordinance No. 3.

"Freedom to political prisoners!" action supports REP Trade Union

12.03.19 10:27
As reported by the "" website, ten activists held an action and expressed their support for political prisoners, the website and the leaders of the REP Trade Union.

REP activists were first to come out to "marches of parasites": the went there as to barricades, fearing no fines and jails

12.03.19 10:25
Victor Kozlov, REP Trade Union's representative for the Gomel Region, tells about his organization and its immediate problems.

Zinaida Mikhnyuk: "I want to believe that social dialogue will not end in this hall"

12.03.19 10:19
Minsk has hosted a tripartite conference "Tripartism and Social Dialogue in Labour World", timed to the 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The event was attended by officials of the ILO, Belarusian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and representatives of employers' associations and trade unions, including the…

"Trust can't be perennial," Myasnikovich about low wages and excessive labour force

12.03.19 10:13
Mikhail Myasnikovich, now the Chairman of the Council of the Republic (the upper house of the Belarusian Parliament) gave a surprisingly frank interview to the state-run "Zvyazda" (Star) newspaper. In his opinion, the major country's problems are low salaries, redundant staff at enterprises, specialists and workers leaving abroad in search…

Fedynich: no neighbouring country put such yoke on workers like Belarus

12.03.19 10:08
In response to the petition demanding to abolish the system of fixed-term labour contracts, Igor Starovoitov, Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Protection, stated that this was not expedient. Thus, about a third of working Belarusians found themselves on "short leashes" firmly kept by employers' hands.

European Parliament and Commission, European Games' organizers, governments: how fight is on for REP Trade Union in international arena

12.03.19 7:08
Kemal Özkan, Deputy Secretary General of the IndustriALL Global Union, spoke at the Plenum of the REP Board in direct Skype communication from Geneva. He told what the Global Union is doing so that the "REP Case" does not disappear from the global agenda.