"Authorities have eloquently demonstrated their real attitude to workers"

The Grodno Regional Court has considered a complaint against the ruling of the Slonim District Court, which had refused to reinstate Mikhail Soshko, a member of the REP Trade Union, at work.

After Kobyakov's visit workers of "Atlant" branch saw unpleasant surprise

Workers laughed at the statements of the Prime Minister, who visited their enterprise a week ago.

Workers of "Slavgorodskiy" Agricultural Company get no wages since May

Vladimir Shtylyov, the recently appointed Acting Director of the Company, has assured the that today all the debts will be completely paid to the workers.

REP helps worker not to become truant and adjudge over 1600 roubles

To change the dismissal wording and collect over 1600 "new" roubles (16 million non-denominated ones) from the employer in favour of the worker – this decision was taken on July 25, 2016, by the Collegium on Civil Cases of the Brest Regional Court on the cassation complaint of Alexander Kravchuk,…

REP Trade Union adjudges 16 million roubles in favour of worker

The "VentSpetsMontazh" Company was late by 90 days with the final settlement with its employee, and now will have to pay five times as much.

After seminar, four new members joined the union

Activists of the REP Trade Union of the Brest Region held a meeting in the city of Mikashevichi.

"Because of layoffs, people are ready to work for 2 million, to earn for bread at least"

An activist of the REP Trade Union told how he is looking for work in Baranovichi.