Leonid Dubonosov met director who fired him

10.10.13 12:54
Leonid Dubonosov, an activist of the primary organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP) of factory workers of the "Granit" enterprise, had a meeting with the General Director of the company Eduard Gavrilkovich.

Trade union lawyer Vladimir Maley dedicated his marathon Ales Bialiatski

10.10.13 12:48
Vladimir Maley, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, has dedicated his 10-kilometre marathon race to the freedom of the head of the Human Rights Centre "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski.

Have Minsk authorities deceived BKDP? No other event was held in the venue of claimed rally

09.10.13 12:44
The staff of the office of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BKDP) decided to take part in the event, because of which the BKDP was not allowed holding a rally on October 7 – the World Day for Decent Work.

Picket banned because of territory cleanup

09.10.13 11:26
Minsk city authorities have not allowed Ilya Dobrotvor, a member of the REP Trade Union, to hold a picket against the Company "Kapsch Telematic Services", which had dismissed him.

Several hundred copies of trade union bulletin were spread in 15 minutes (photo)

08.10.13 11:26
On October 7, activists of the REP Trade Union in the city of Brest handed out their bulletin to passers-by.

Top managers' immorality, humiliation and 5 more problems Belarusian workers complain about

07.10.13 9:37
Union leaders tell about what should be done in Belarus to make labour decent

Grigory Grik: Police protracted for almost a week with the contract; and it caused ban of picket

03.10.13 19:55
Grigory Grik, an activist of the REP Trade Union from Baranovichi, spent just an hour to sign the required contracts for holding a picket with the housing and municipal service and the hospital; however, he had to walk for almost a week to the militia station for the same purpose.…

Gennady Fedynich: Ministry of Labour violates the Constitution

02.10.13 19:48
The Chairman of REP Trade Union Gennady Fedynich believes that the initiative of the Ministry of Labour to tax non-working citizens is a violation of the Constitution, in particular, of the human right to a decent job.