"Militiamen regard torture as legitimate method"

30.06.18 19:40
On July 5, the Minsk Regional Court will consider the cassation appeal filed by Olesya Sadovskaya, a member of the REP Trade Union, against the refusal of the Molodechno City Court to collect compensation for moral harm suffered by her from torture by the militia and keeping her daughter in…

REP Trade Union struggles for foreman with road builders

30.06.18 19:39
On June 22, at the Mozyr District Court, the road construction trust will try to collect from Nikolai Minkov, a foreman and a member of the REP Trade Union, the cost of the damaged "Beltelecom" cable – BYN 1355.

Court made a "Scottish verdict"

30.06.18 19:37
The Rechitsa District Court has reduced the amount of claim by 62 percent.

In case of rescuer who died at subbotnik, prosecutor's office supports REP in court

30.06.18 19:34
The judge refused to consider the lawsuit filed by Tatiana Romanova, a sister of Kirill Romanov, who died during subbotnik, referring to the expiry of the limitation period for filing a lawsuit. But suddenly Tatiana and the REP were supported by the prosecutor's office.

Half-hour pickets cannot be held without militia, janitors and medics

30.06.18 19:33
This is the conviction of the Bobruisk city authorities, who banned the applied pickets in support of REP Trade Union leaders.

Labour Minister: "We'll surely welcome all the activists in our commissions!"

30.06.18 19:31
In accordance with Ordinance No. 1, all regions of Belarus are setting up standing commissions to coordinate population employment efforts, the "Brestskaya Gazeta" reports.

Gomel: REP struggles for electric welder with private owner

30.06.18 19:29
On June 12, the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Gomel will hear a civil case on the lawsuit lodged by Dmitry Kres, 43, an electric welder, against his former employer – the Joint Limited Liability Company "Jem-Flex" on collecting of some BYN 4000 of settlement at dismissal.

Who will stay without pension in Belarus?

30.06.18 19:25
Starting from 2017, the retirement age in Belarus has been increased every year. The process should be over in 2022, when women will retire at 58, and men – at 63. However, after 2022, the retirement age of women and men can become equal. The authorities are already considering this…