"Because of layoffs, people are ready to work for 2 million, to earn for bread at least"

31.07.16 7:09
An activist of the REP Trade Union told how he is looking for work in Baranovichi.

So far, authorities refuse to introduce provisions of Ordinances 29 and 5 into Labour Code

05.07.16 10:41
The issue "On Amendments to Some Laws of the Republic of Belarus on Issues of Labour Relations", which assumed the incorporation of provisions of Presidential Ordinances Nos. 29 and 5 into the Labour Code, was excluded from the agenda of the sitting of the House of Representatives of the National…

Fedynich: "By autumn, the issue of mass lay-offs will be even tougher"

05.07.16 9:25
For the seventh month in a row Belarusian enterprises are actively dismissing their personnel. What will happen next?

"It is unclear what authorities hope for by exacerbating relations with ILO"

30.06.16 9:40
Today, on June 30, the House of Representatives plans to fix in the Labour Code the provisions of Presidential Ordinance No. 29, which had legalized the use of the system of total fixed-term contract system in the country; and Ordinance No. 5, which significantly toughened the working conditions of employees.…

Alexander Yaroshuk: Parliament is going to finally legalize slavery in Belarus

29.06.16 9:38
As it became known, on June 30 the House of Representatives of the National Assembly (Parliament) is going to consider and adopt in the first reading the bill that fixes in the Labour Code the provisions of Presidential Ordinance No. 29, which legalized the total system of fixed short-term contracts…

Brest: "The most urgent problem now at enterprises is hidden unemployment"

29.06.16 9:35
Vladimir Maley, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Brest Region, told the, how he came to the independent trade union, and what the greatest concern of the workers of the region is.

"Twice I received non-renewal notification of labour contract, but thanks to REP Trade Union they didn't fire me"

23.06.16 4:44
Alexander Sakharuk, a tower crane operator from Brest, told the, why he is a member of the REP Trade Union.

Union helps worker to adjudge over 76 million roubles

13.06.16 4:41
The Limited Liability Company (LLC) "Elite Roof" has owed to its worker 32,551,570 roubles. After the intervention of the REP Trade Union, the company was forced to pay 76,634,224 roubles, taking into account the compensation for a delayed settlement at dismissal.