New REP's case: shortage in Belorusneft's warehouse

17.04.18 18:35
A team of storekeepers of a warehouse of the Belorusneft Concern located in Rechitsa has joined the REP Trade Union: they were fired and blamed of a huge shortage.

"My boss and I didn't like it!" the way state trade unions "protect" their members

17.04.18 18:05
Alexei Evgenov, the REP leader in Mogilev, was approached by workers of the "Niva-Agro" farm, who told a story of their attempt to seek help in their "official" branch trade union.

"They not only violate the freedom of assembly, but fail to appear when sued"

17.04.18 18:03
Andrei Strizhak and Leonid Sudalenko, REP activists from Gomel, filed a lawsuit against the city executive committee, which had banned an applied picket. However, the court session has failed. Andrei has commented on the situation: "The court session was scheduled for April 5. We had applied for a picket aiming…

Euronews reports on Belarus

17.04.18 18:02
The Euronews English has made an exclusive report on the situation in the today's Belarus.

"I burned my hands, called ambulance, and then bosses came running"

17.04.18 18:00
Alexander Lavrentiev, a baker at the Grodno "Almi" Supermarket, received chemical burns; however, his bosses' basic concern was not about his trauma, but about concealing this fact by all possible means. Unfortunately, the fact is rather typical; therefore, let us see the details.

Saddest points in new "ordinance on parasites"

17.04.18 17:59
Gennady Fedynich gives advice to compatriots on how to stop "this bacchanalia."

Absurdity continues in Bobruisk

17.04.18 17:50
Neither Bobruisk law enforcers, nor officials cannot still explain on what grounds Galina Smirnova, the leader of the Bobruisk REP group, and Taisia Kabanchuk, a REP unionist, had spent almost three days in jail in late March.

"Scams in Belarusian way gaining momentum," Gennady Fedynich on a new trend in labour market

17.04.18 17:49
A whole team of roofers, 22 people, have recently joined the REP Trade Union: they try to sue their employer – the SSMP-1 unit of the "Beltransstroy" Trust.