Gorky Park workers voice alarm: "They fail to repair broken facilities, and force us to operate them with people"

10.09.19 11:47
Workers of the Central Children's Gorky Park of Minsk complain that the park administration refuses to repair attraction facilities; and they are insecure for visitors. Instead, complainants are punished and fired.

Final court judgement – chemical factory to pay BYN 50,000 to parents of deceased worker

10.09.19 11:44
The Gomel Regional Court examined the appeal lodged by the OJSC "Gomel Chemical Factory". In 2017, their rescue employee, Kirill Romanov, died perished while performing some emergency work initiated on the eve of the arrival of president Alexander Lukashenko to the district. Parents have claimed compensation of moral harm from…

Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik spent a year of their sentences

10.09.19 11:38
A year ago – on August 24, 2018 – the Sovietsky District Court sentenced Gennady Fedynich, the chairman of the independent REP Trade Union, and Igor Komlik, the former chief accountant of the union, the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Viasna" reports.

"Not only drivers but the state suffered": taxi drivers reinstated at work at "Viamignis" LLC

27.08.19 11:47
The three dismissed taxi drivers, Arthur Smolsky, Vitaly Klimenok and Denis Martynyuk have been reinstated at work at the "Viamignis" Limited Liability Company (LLC). On August 6, the Partizansky District Court of Minsk obliged the employer to reimburse their wages for the time of forced absenteeism and compensation for moral…

"Snov" AIC driver worked 500 overtime hours, but cannot receive earned money

27.08.19 11:45
On August 5, the Minsk Regional Court considered an appeal complaint lodged by Vyacheslav Syritsa against the "Snov" Agro-Industrial Combine (AIC) about collection of his duly earned wages for overtime work.

Zinaida Mikhnyuk: slavery has not disappeared – now, employers can "transfer" workers to each other

27.08.19 11:44
The new Belarus' Labour Code has legalized slavery and became the worst in the world. Rights are vested on the employer only; it is allowed to transfer workers from hand to hand; and employers can fire workers without explanation.

"Gippo" will pay BYN 2900 to Oksana Vrublevskaya, but refuses to dismiss her by parties' mutual consent

27.08.19 11:42
On July 23, the Oktiabrsky District Court reinstated Oksana Vrublevskaya at her previous job at the Gippo store.

"Cars without technical inspection, invented posts and salary delays": "Viamignis" drivers turn to REP Trade Union

27.08.19 11:38
Drivers of the "Viamignis" LLC demand from the employer to respond for violations of working conditions. The company car fleet has over 20 vehicles, of which 18 have no technical examination certificates. No one checks the drivers' health before they start working; and while transporting people, including high-ranking clients, the…