Bloody road accident near Osipovichi: casualties' families turn to REP for help

19.08.19 9:49
On July 25, a Minsk court awarded a compensation of BYN 35,000 to Victor Rabenok, who was returning from work and lost his health in a terrible road accident. In that accident, Marina Zenetskaya lost her husband; and Dmitry Shevko lost his son. Both casualties' families have appealed for help…

What is behind the facade of the new Labour Code?

19.08.19 9:46
In Belarus, they want to legalize serfdom. The new Labour Code, amendments to which were adopted by both Houses of the Parliament, has been signed by president Lukashenko. What will change in labour relationships after the Code's entry into force?

"Where can angry soldiers aim their weapons?" Pension reform is enough for country's leadership to resign

05.08.19 8:15
Today, we cannot separate one category of citizens – military servicemen – from other categories captured by the so-called "pension trap", which will affect many.

Strizhak: authorities invaded social network and immediately messed things up there

05.08.19 8:13
An unusual document appeared in the "Tea with Jam" online community: one of the Belarusian pro-governmental trade unions asks its primary units to "ensure regular visits" of their members to the trade union community on the Facebook.

Leaky troughs, YouTube and two reprimands

05.08.19 8:11
On July 10, Oleg Vasyukov, a Judge of the Dobrush District Court, cancelled two disciplinary punishments imposed at the "Kalininsky" Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) on Inna Gulevich, a member of the REP Trade Union, who works there as a livestock breeder.

Zinaida Mikhnyuk: MPs fear to go against initiator of "parasite" ordinance

05.08.19 8:09
The House of Representatives (the lower House of the People's Assembly – the Belarusian Parliament, – note of the REP News) sees no reason to appeal to the Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of Ordinance No. 3; and the Council of the Republic (the upper House) would not even consider…

Slavery – for workers; freedom of action – for employers

03.07.19 14:06
Amendments to the Labour Code have made all the workers of Belarus hostages to forced labour.

For shit-covered cows – criminal cases, for human death – disciplinary penalty

30.06.19 14:06
Kirill Romanov, a 33-year-old resident of Gomel, died while performing emergency work on the eve of president's visit. He worked as a driver of the rescue squad of the Gomel Chemical Factory. On the day of his death, Kirill and his colleagues were sent to wash cowsheds, since Alexander Lukashenko…