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Several hundred copies of trade union bulletin were spread in 15 minutes (photo)

On October 7, activists of the REP Trade Union in the city of Brest handed out their bulletin to passers-by.

It is known that the authorities have banned a rally on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work, which was planned by independent trade unions on October 7 inMinsk. An application was submitted by the BKDP (Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions). It was planned that the event would be attended by about 500 members of the four subjects of the BKDP – the BNP, REP, SPM and SPB Trade Unions.

Despite the ban, activists of the Brest regional organization of the REP Trade Union have marked the important date. They went out to the central street of Brest and told passers-by about the problems of the non-standard employment system and spread their trade union bulletin among townspeople.

"Although the authorities keep telling that there are very few of us, they still ban our actions. This indicates that they recognize the power of the independent trade union movement," said Zinaida Mikhnyuk, the deputy chairman of the REP. "We had hoped that at least on October 7, when everywhere in the world trade unions and workers mark the World Day for Decent Work, we would be allowed to hold our event. However, once again we received a refusal. The authorities are scared by the growth of the popularity of independent trade unions among workers. But we won't sit idly by."

The trade union leader said her activists are regularly distributing the union bulletin and other informational materials to passers-by in streets of the city or to factory workers at checkpoints.

"We do nothing illegal by handing out our bulletin. We have a registered trade union, and we have the right to disseminate information about its activities," said Zinaida Mikhnyuk. "And judging by the way people perceive our initiative, independent trade unions do have real support."

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