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Picket banned because of territory cleanup

Minsk city authorities have not allowed Ilya Dobrotvor, a member of the REP Trade Union, to hold a picket against the Company "Kapsch Telematic Services", which had dismissed him.

The trade union activist had planned to hold a picket on October 10 from midday to 3:00 p.m. in front of the office of the company at No. 131 Odoevskogo Street in Minsk.

"At the time claimed by you, cleanup works and territory landscaping are planned in Odoevskogo Street," says a letter from the Minsk City Executive Committee that prohibits the protest action.

Ilya Dobrotvor, a member of the REP Trade Union, had worked for the local subsidiary of the Austrian company "Kapsch" in the capacity of a specialist in charge of monitor the collection of fees at toll roads.

A formal reason for dismissal was Ilya's enforced absence at work. In early September, he was sentenced to 5 days of arrest for appearance in the metro with a white-red-white Belarusian flag.

His colleagues-unionists believe that Ilya's membership in the independent trade union and his active civil position became the actual reasons for his dismissal.

According to Nikolai Pokhabov, the head of the Minsk Regional Branch of the REP Trade Union, Ilya Dobrotvor had repeatedly appealed to his company bosses demanding better working conditions. The activist stated the inadmissibility to break the work schedule by appointing 5 working days and one day-off instead of 4 working days (by 8 hours) and two days-off. He demanded to introduce clear working instructions, protested against collection by bosses of information about employees of the company, tried to contact the parent's office in Vienna, and attempted to create a trade union organization.

The lawyer of the REP Trade Union Zhanna Zaprivarina has filed a lawsuit with the Frunze District Court demanding to restore Ilya Dobrotvor at work and pay the due compensation for his enforced absence.

The "Kapsch Telematic Services" is a recently opened in Minsk subsidiary of the "Kapsch TrafficCom". The company is engaged in implementing systems of toll collection on Belarusian highways.


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