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Have Minsk authorities deceived BKDP? No other event was held in the venue of claimed rally

The staff of the office of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BKDP) decided to take part in the event, because of which the BKDP was not allowed holding a rally on October 7 – the World Day for Decent Work.

As reported by the website of the BKDP, on October 7 at the appointed time, employees of the central office of the BKDP, together with the Chairman Alexander Yaroshuk and his Deputy Sergey Antusevich came to the park named after the 50th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution, aiming to take part in the action that had been scheduled by the authorities.

Let us remind you that the Minsk City Executive Committee refused to sanction a rally applied for by the BKDP on October 7 in the above park, arguing that another event that had been scheduled well before would be held at that very time.

However, apart from several OMON (riot police) fighters and a number of men in civilian clothes, the park was empty. After waiting for more than an hour, the union activists asked the OMON fighters when the event would start. They replied that "no event would take place there."


It turns out that the authorities had deceived the BKDP, hadn't they?

The BKDP plans to appeal against the decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee to ban the union rally on October 7, 2013, – the World Day for Decent Work, at the court.

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