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Within three days, the REP Trade Union raised 800 roubles to help Belarusians who suffered during actions

Activists of the REP Trade Union were subjected, among many other Belarusians, who participated in peaceful protest actions, to administrative arrests and fines.

The REP Trade Union organized a fundraising campaign to assist the victims of authorities’ actions.

After the massive "Non-Parasite Marches" that covered the whole country, over 200 persons were detained and brought to trial. The authorities accused them of administrative offences under Articles 23.34 (violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events) and 17.01 (petty hooliganism) of the Code of Administrative Offences, which are often used against participants of street protests – arrests and fines. During detentions, militiamen used violence and tear gas.

As of March 20, 27 members of the REP Trade Union are on the lists of the people who suffered from the authorities' arbitrary actions: 13 activists were sentenced to administrative arrests for the terms from one to 15 days, two received warnings, and the rest were sentenced to fines. Some of them spent several days behind bars awaiting trials, after which they were fined – in sentencing, judges disregarded the activists’ days in custody.

Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman of the REP Trade Union, told the that the raised money would be used to pay the fines and buy foodstuffs and other basic necessities for the people, serving their administrative arrests.

“We have calculated that the fines imposed on 12 members of the trade union amount in total to 308 basic units. It turns out that for their active position; only our members will have to pay the state over 7000 roubles, or 3500 US dollars. Do not forget that the inmates of the SIZO (detention centre) have to pay for their stay there, "says the trade union leader. “In Minsk, it is 11 roubles per day.”

He said that within three days the account of the REP Trade Union received donations in the amount of about 800 roubles.

“We are actively disseminating information about fundraising on the Internet, and hope for the support of Belarusians. It is important not only to attract non-indifferent people to material support, but also the feeling of solidarity. After all, we, citizens of Belarus, have long wanted to live in prosperity, in respect and know that our future and the future of our country depend on our voices,” Gennady Fedynich has summed up.

You can help the victims of repressions by transferring donations through the ERIP system:

ERIP >>>> Minsk >>>> Public >>>> Associations >>>> REP Trade Union (with a label "help to repressed persons").

You can also transfer donations through the paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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