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Bobruisk: "Pressure is enormous, but people are angry"

Galina Smirnova, the chair of the Bobruisk organization of the REP Trade Union, told the about numerous facts of pressure on townspeople.

On the eve of March 25 and 26, when new "Non-Parasite Marches" are expected in Belarusian cities, the REP Trade Union faces a flood of complaints from Bobruisk citizens.

Galina Smirnova:

“People are frankly intimidated. Almost at all the enterprises, bosses tell workers that if they come to the square, they will face most stringent punishments measures – up to dismissal. A parent addressed me and said that in one of the educational establishments, where his daughter is studying, the administration threatens young people with exclusions,” said Galina Smirnova.

“People regularly report that they are summoned to the militia for talks. They identify citizens by the video footages posted on the video channels of the ‘BelSAT’ and ‘Radio Liberty’. Whom they can’t identify by the video, they search through relatives. For example, a local woman said that they looked for her through her mother-in-law. But it's all illegal. We recommend people not to go anywhere without an official summon. The pressure is furious, but people are angry. Of course, some of them will be afraid to come to the square, but many do not hide their indignation.”

Let us remind you that on March 9, Alexander Lukashenko stated: "People should not be prohibited from going to the square... Define places in cities, where people may come and express their opinions; the heads of the vertical of power should be present there. However, there should be no obstacles for workers to live the normal life, so to say."

The next "Non-Parasite March" in Bobruisk is scheduled for March 26, at 12.00 a.m. in Victory Square.

On March 15, Galina Smirnova was fined by the court by 30 basic units (690 roubles) for organizing an unauthorized protest against the decree "on parasites". Awaiting the court's judgement, she spent two days at the IVS (temporary detention facility).

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