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Slonim court has sentenced: Victor Marchik – 5 days of arrest, militia - special judgement

Today, on March 24, a court session was held on the case of activist Victor Marchik about his participation in the "Non-Parasite March", which took place in Slonim on March 19.

Judge Alexander Yarmolik found him guilty and sentenced him to 5 days of administrative arrest for his participation in an unsanctioned action with the use of sound reinforcement equipment. The militiamen, who failed to ensure the protection of order in the square during the rally, received a special judgement of the court (a sort of a warning).

The witnesses of the prosecution were Major Klimenko and Captain Kharitonchik, the head of the temporary detention facility (IVS), the defence witnesses were Ales Masiuk and Mikhail Sashko, an activist of the REP Trade Union.

Mikhail Sashko told the about the course of the court session.

“I don’t know what Klimenko and Kharitonchik testified, because they spoke in a very low voice. But it followed from the judgement that the judge read out, that Marchik was the main organizer, because he asked people through a megaphone to pass to the executive committee; therefore there were much more people there than they had expected.”

“Both Masiuk and myself testified that there was nothing like this; the action had been agreed with Ekaterina Rutkovskaya, the Deputy Chairman of the District Executive Committee. It was agreed that people would gather and come to the building of the district executive committee, where the chairman of the executive committee would come out and meet them. Activists also invited the MP Alla Sopikova, but she did not appear.”

“When on Sunday, Slonim residents came to the square, Rutkovskaya came up to us and said that the action was unauthorized. She invited 10-20 people to come to talk to the executive committee. We didn’t agree, and went in a crowd to the executive committee building.”

“At the trial, we asked to summon Rutkovskaya as a witness, because it was she who had invited people to the square. However, the judge ignored it.”

“With regard to Marchik, I said that it was not a detention, as it was recorded in the protocol, but a kidnapping by unidentified bandits with no markings, which came in a bus without state registration number plates. And if those bandits had organized a massacre or a terror act in the square near the district executive committee, people simply would have nobody to turn to, because there was not a single militiaman in uniform there. Why, then, today they put on this uniform and appeared as witnesses; why they were not in their uniform, when it was necessary to protect the public safety? Therefore, at the trial, I said that it was the authorities, who provoked the violation and failed to ensure protection of public order,” said Mikhail Sashko.

Let us remind you that on March 19 in Slonim, after a rally with the participation of 300 people, during which the Mayor of Targonskiy promised that no measures would be applied to the participants, unidentified persons in sports clothes with the use of violence detained the local activist Victor Marchik.

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