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Gender equality: youth network elects two coordinators

On May 13, a unique event occurred at the meeting of the youth network of the REP Trade Union: instead of one coordinator, the general decision was to elect two of then, Denis Khudovets and Anna Dus.

The coordinator's position was vacant for about a year; and since May 13 meeting, the youth movement is headed by two leaders. The meeting elected Anna Dus and Denis Khudovets. Both new coordinators are from Bobruisk.

Denis Khudovets and Anna Dus at the May 13 meeting of the youth network of the REP Trade Union

Apart from electing new coordinators, the meeting discussed plans, ideas and projects – what the youth network should do. Among other proposals was the creation of the psychological support service for people who have lost their jobs; the help in writing CVs (resumes) and working out an algorithm for finding a workplace; the programme of promoting the trade union in social networks; cooperation with other youth organizations; and other things.

Gennady Fedynitch, Chairman of the REP Trade Union at a meeting of the youth network

– In the near future, we plan to convoke our activists from major cities of each region to put two or three tasks before them to be addressed till the end of this year. The trade union needs to be popularized in order to attract more young people, for them to rap (REP) not only as a musical genre, – Denis Khudovets has shared his plans.

Anna Dus told about primary tasks for the youth network and for the whole trade union:

– First of all, it is dissemination of information about the trade union and recruitment thereof not by random individuals, but those interested in civil movement. One of our major tasks is to promote the development of civil society in the country. We need to work with people towards the formation of their civil stand, understanding by them of their rights, and to promote education in the field of human rights – this is first and foremost. Only after that, we can proceed with further steps.

– How broadly is the union's youth network spread in Belarus?

– With Denis Khudovets we are from Bobruisk. Our active groups are also in Brest, Grodno, Rechitsa, Pinsk and Orsha – there are many young people in the trade union – in all cities of Belarus.

Andrei Strizhak, a trade union activist from Gomel and ex-coordinator of the youth movement, also answered the questions of the

– Who are members of the youth network of the REP Trade Union? What was the need to create a separate organization? Are those plans and tasks that you discussed at the meeting applicable to the entire union?

– The youth network is not a separate organization. It is a part of the trade union, a permanent programme that covers union members from 14 to 35 years old. And to implement the tasks – for example, of creating an algorithm for helping those unemployed – we will involve young specialists, so that they gain experience, form their organizational and managerial skills, and become an active reserve staff both of the REP Trade Union and of the entire civil society. The people, who come to our union, learn the basics of democratic ruling the organization.

– With whom does the youth network of the trade union work – only with young workers? Or are students also in the focus of your attention?

– A student sooner or later becomes a young employee; he/she passes through the so-called 'distribution'; and his/her rights are very often violated. The problem is that students themselves are not active enough, and reflect the general moods in the Belarusian society, which is not always ready to defend their rights. Therefore, it is difficult to work with students. But the young workers, who have just come to their first workplace, – they are our profile. We explain to them how to properly sign an employment contract; what the pitfalls in it are, what the features of the contract system are; and what its dangers are. Young salespeople and builders – there are many professional groups, whose rights are often violated.

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