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Fighters for jobless people's rights join the ranks of unemployed

In Mozyr, they continue persecuting activists of the REP Trade Union – now, they are fired from work.

The REP Trade Union was one of the first to launch a nationwide collection of signatures for the abolition of Ordinance No. 3. In the city of Mozyr, activists collected and sent to the House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly and the Presidential Administration nearly 2000 citizens' signatures.

After a wave of civil protests that swept throughout Belarus, persecution of activists began; and the unionists of Mozyr did not escape penalties.

On March 24, Pavel Nozdrya, an activist of the REP Trade Union, was summoned to the Mozyr ROVD (District Interior Division) for a prophylactic talk, where he was read out, with videotaping, the article about responsibility for violating the procedure for holding mass events.

Pavel Nozdrya

The city authorities of Mozyr prohibited holding an action against Ordinance No. 3 on March 26. The picket was still held; and the authorities punished its organizer Rygor Krivitsky with a fine of 20 basic units; while Nikolai Novik, another REP activist, was placed in jail for 15 days for sticking up just one leaflet.

This did not end the persecutions of REP activists in Mozyr.

Pavel Nozdrya told the that bosses of the Mozyr City Children's Hospital, where he works, brought him to disciplinary responsibility, having accused him of being absent at his workplace, despite the fact that his immediate boss, an engineer Tereshenko, had approved his application for a leave-off day. Doctor Rayenok, the chief physician of the hospital, issued a remark to Pavel Nozdrya, deprived him of his bonus, withdrew his salary for one working day and extracted one day from his vacation.

Pavel Nozdrya said that he was not the only one victim – his colleague A. Rudinsky, also a member of the REP Trade Union, was forced to write a dismissal application by agreement of the parties, since his bosses refused to give him a day-off and threatened to dismiss «under an article of the legislation».

Thus, the struggle for the rights of unemployed people in Mozyr resulted in an increase of the number of jobless people in the city.

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