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Trade union did not allow collecting 15 million roubles from 9 salespersons

The REP Trade Union has defended the rights of 9 salespersons of the «Mogilev Mezhraibaza», not allowing their bosses to «impose» on them the loss in the amount of more than 15 million non-denominated roubles.

On Thursday, May 4, the final court session was held on the lawsuit filed by the Unitary Enterprise (UE) «Mogilev Mezhraibaza». The claimant demanded to collect from ten salespersons the loss in the order of regression in a total amount of BYN 1522.88 roubles (or 15,228,800 roubles before the denomination).

One of the saleswomen is a member of the REP Independent Trade Union; she turned for help to Alexander Khamratov, the union legal inspector.

Alexander Khamratov

– One of the saleswomen of the enterprise came to the branch of the REP Trade Union for the Mogilev Region, – said Alexander Khamratov. – It turned out that in early 2016, after an audit conducted by the State Control Committee, the «Mogilev Mezhraibaza» was fined by 52 million non-denominated roubles for having the overdue products at the stores of the enterprise. The enterprise paid the fine to the state, but decided to claim the money from salespersons.

– In the course of the trial, it became clear that some salespersons had no relation to the arisen loss; and some others had repaid their share of the loss more than a year ago.

– After these facts were presented to the court, the claimant decided to abandon his claims against nine respondents. We advised the rest of them on other saleswomen to have the necessary information and feel more confident. Only thanks to the timely detection of the unreasonableness of the claims – the woman turned in time for help – we managed to help nine saleswomen and release them from reimbursing the loss to the employer, – the union legal inspector has summed up.

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