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Soligorsk miner achieves justice: "Belaruskali" admits industrial trauma

It took almost half a year for Sergey Grinyuk, an electric gas welder at the "Belaruskali", who injured his spinal column in the mine, to force the employer to acknowledge the accident as an industrial injury.

Sergey Grinyuk worked as an electric gas welder at the "Belaruskali". On August 2, 2017, he got a serious spinal injury when at work; however, his bosses began persuading him to sign the documents, stating that he had received his injury by falling from a ladder at his dacha. In search of justice, on August 29, Sergey Grinyuk turned to the independent REP Trade Union; and his case was made public. Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union, helped him to write an application to the Labour Inspectorate asking to conduct an investigation, on the basis of which it would be possible to draw up the so-called "N-1 Act" on an industrial injury.

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Following the publication about Sergey Grinyuk's injury, a reaction followed of "Belaruskali" bosses; and another Soligorsk miner approached the REP Trade Union.

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And finally, the N-1 Act was drawn up.

Leonid Sudalenko wrote on his Facebook page: "At such moments I feel pride; and not because of the victory in another judicial case, but because I helped to achieve justice in the case of an ordinary 'Belaruskali' miner, deceived by his bosses! Imagine: they lifted the victim up from the mine to the surface with numerous fractures and immediately made an interrogation: 'Do you want to go on working? Do you have children? Then, sign the paper that you got your trauma at home!' Being in that condition, Sergey signed the paper that he had fallen from the ladder at his dacha..."

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