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What did people read in REP's website in 2017?

What last year's topics caused the greatest interest among the readers of the website The whole year of work of the REP Trade Union got its reflection in the articles that won the highest number of hits (pageviews).

On "parasites" and protests

The year 2017 became unique for the REP Trade Union. As defenders of workers' rights, unionists could not stay away from the so-called "unemployment tax", which actually introduces forced labour. Thanks to our activists who joined the fight against the unfair Ordinance No. 3, people throughout Belarus learned about the existence of the REP Trade Union:

"We want to peacefully abolish Ordinance No. 3"

On February 14, Gomel will host first in country's history trial on "parasitism" case

Militia confiscates thousand signatures for cancelling Ordinance "on parasitism"

REP Trade Union starts collecting signatures for cancellation of Ordinance "on parasitism"

Evgenia Strizhak: "We pay VAT, but we are not its payers"


On struggle for workers' rights

Not only in 2017, the REP Trade Union has been constantly protecting the rights of employees. This is its main mission of the trade union. Thanks to the work of our lawyers and activists, we manage to return tens of thousands of roubles, illegally withdrawn from people, and to reinstate them at work. Litigations, information support, solidarity campaigns – all this is the REP Trade Union.

"Bosses' doors are banging loud at 'Belaruskali'"

Victory! Over USD 4000 adjudged by workers from "Kashtan"

The wanted to ascribe shortage to salespersons, but were guilty themselves

Fee for working for RAIPO: 80 million of shortage and criminal proceedings

"Your article was the 'last drop': district head, who sent people to 'plant strawberries and raspberries' fired"

REP Trade Union defends interests of 'Marco' ex-workers, from whom employer claimed USD 6000

On public campaigns of REP Trade Union activists

Often, REP Trade Union members are also civil activists, who defend people's rights in various fields. These campaigns were also covered by our information service.

How Ordinance No. 18 allows taking away children from any family

Brother of soldier who perished in Pechi turns to REP for help

Prosecutor supports REP's arguments in case of schoolgirl who perished at agricultural works

On persecutions of union activists

In 2017, REP activists spent a total of eight months behind bars; about forty REP members were subjected to administrative arrests; imposed fines exceeded USD 4000 – these are the year's outcomes. Plus two months that Igor Komlik spent at SIZO (pre-trial prison).

Galina Smirnova fined by 40 basic units for repost in social network

Andrei Strizhak: "Isolation facility is as crowded as railway station"

Social service gets interested in union activist with many children

Militia for 8 hours treated REP activist with tea and coffee

Afghan War veteran to be tried for collecting signatures against Ordinance No. 3

Victor Kozlov fined for "loudly swearing hard"

REP activist Victor Rubtsov detained in Gomel

Unfortunately, we can not stop listing repressions here: in August 2017, a new, this time criminal "Trade Union Case" was opened against REP. We deliberately did not include articles on it in the above rating: the case is still ongoing.

In spite all that, the work of the independent REP Trade Union continues: for decent life and respect for our rights. Happy New Year! And let's hope for our new victories.

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