News / 03.04.18

Victory! Grodno Bus Fleet concedes to driver's demands

The third driver of the infamous Grodno Bus Fleet is now defending his rights in court; however, this time the fleet bosses did not wait for the court judgement and made concessions.

The driver, whom they threatened to fire for alleged violations, had demanded a dismissal not because of the expiry of his labour contract, but at his own demand because the employer had violated his labour rights, that is, under Article 41 of the Labour Code with the employer's obligation to pay three average monthly salaries at dismissal.

Anatoly Myshkevich, an activist of the REP Trade Union, who represented the driver's interests at the court session (the driver is also a REP member), tells the details:

"The Bus Fleet has agreed to dismiss the claimant under Article 41, because the court recognized the violation of the driver's labour rights by the employer, and to pay him the due compensation. Initially, the fleet bosses refused to do it; the commission for labour disputes supported the bosses; two court sessions on the case were a failure. Yesterday, the driver asked to attract me to the trial as a representative of the REP Trade Union. Fleet bosses did everything possible to prevent it, but... today they called and accepted all our demands."

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