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Leonid Sudalenko: "Stop sending people to works they shouldn't do!"

The REP Trade Union is defending at trial the interests of Tatiana Romanova, a sister of Kirill Romanov, a driver of the paramilitary detachment of the Ministry for Emergency (MfE) of the Gomel Chemical Plant, who perished while cleaning the roof of a cowshed in the village near Gomel, when the farm was preparing for President Lukashenko's visit.

Tatiana has joined the REP Trade Union in an attempt to prove that her brother is not to blame for his death: after all, he was forced to do the work not prescribed in his duty regulations.

However, the Gomel regional branch of the Labour Inspectorate sticks to the opinion that not only the officials in charge are guilty, but the deceased driver himself, as he violated the labour safety regulations.

Tatiana Romanova intends to overturn this conclusion and remove guilt from her brother. She told the that the pro-governmental trade union (a member of the FPB), where her brother was a member, would not support her in search for truth:

"I see no help from that trade union. Some time has passed since the above conclusion was made by the Labour Inspectorate – and silence. I myself found the independent REP Trade Union, which now helps me."

REP Trade Union is ready to deal with the case of deceased worker of Gomel Chemical Plant

The woman believes that the employer has made efforts to distort the tragic story and diminish his guilt by shifting some of the guilt on her perished brother, who cannot stand up for himself:

"The words of his bosses and colleagues differed: the former at first asserted that he was not their worker at all… They even said that he went to the roof to make a selfie! It was simply outrageous! At first, my brother's colleagues said that they saw nothing... But then, obviously under pressure, they dictated into the protocol that they had been duly briefed, instructed what and how to do, and supervised, that the proper working process was set up. However, from the presented records of telephone conversations it is clear that everyone was in confusion and nothing was clear: the work was done in complete chaos and mess, not to mention any safety regulations."

Tatiana is sure that the employer and those who sent her brother, a truck driver, to clean the roof of the cowshed are guilty of his death. Her interests are represented by Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel Region:

"When this terrible tragedy happened with the young driver from the Gomel Chemical Plant, it hit me hard. He was about thirty years old; two small children left in the family… Such a ridiculous death – while washing the roof of a cowshed... I was outraged by the absurdity of this situation. I saw that the employer forced the worker to do a non-specific job: if he is a truck driver, he should drive his truck and not climb the roof, which he saw for the first time in his life, nor knowing how to move there.

Leonid Sudalenko has explained his mission in the case of deceased Kirill Romanov: "The goal of our trade union is to make sure that such horrible and absurd tragedies no longer happen. Each employer should recollect this case prior sending his subordinates to perform the works that they shouldn't do."

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