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Zinaida Mikhnyuk: "We should stop fearing!"

"If the whole country could exhibit the solidarity like at the rally of independent trade unions on May 1 in Minsk, then we could move mountains," Zinaida Mikhnyuk, the leader of the Brest Regional REP Trade Union, said in her comment to "Radio Racyja".

"If people had not been scared by their fixed-term contracts and joined the independent trade unions, which really protect citizens' labour rights, this feeling of solidarity could have appeared much earlier," Zinaida Mikhnyuk has stated, adding: "We should stop fearing. Because of the fact that since 1999 all workers were forced into these 'serf' contracts, the grassroots units of independent trade unions at factories were suppressed; but there're workers who wouldn't give up."

According to her story the sanctioned rally in Minsk was about 300 people strong; and if thousands come and rally, then, labour contracts in their present form would be cancelled, and salaries would be decent. At one time, thanks to workers' solidarity, an 8-hour working day was adopted and salaries were raised.

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