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Electric welder knows about REP from "Odnoklassniki"

On May 25, Dmitry Kres, an electric welder, came to the Gomel regional branch of the REP Trade Union for help.

Since the start of the year, the LLC "Jem-Flex", where Dmitry is Category 4 electric welder, has paid no wages. According to the payroll slips, his wages was about BYN 700 per month; which was accrued, but not paid.

His patience expired, and on April 5, he quit his job and began waiting for the private owner of the LLC to settle accounts with him. Dmitry turned for help to official trade unions (FPB), but, as he said, "they just pointed their finger to the court." He went there, and he was sent to advocates, but hearing about their rates, the young man lost hope.

"In the social network 'Odnoklassniki' I read about the efficient work of independent unionists in the region, and today wrote an application to join the REP Trade Union," Dmitry told Leonid Sudalenko, the legal inspector of the REP Trade Union for the Gomel region. "On my final day at work, the LLC boss gave me my work record book, but to date he hasn't paid out the wage debts and the compensation for unused vacations. In total, he owes me over BYN 2000."

The union lawyer has recalled that, under Article 78 of the Belarus' Labour Code, at delay of the final settlement at dismissal, the employee has the right to collect from the employer the average salary for each day of the delay.

In Dmitry's interests, Leonid Sudalenko has drawn up a lawsuit to the court of Zheleznodorozhny District of Gomel, claiming to collect from the LLC owner 1594.16 roubles of the wage debt, 1550 roubles of average fine for late payment, and 434 roubles of compensation for unused vacation days, in total BYN 3578.16.

The union lawyer has added that the amount of the claim is not final; it will be increased for the delay up to the court judgement.

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