News / 05.06.18

Gennady Fedynich: "The 'trade union case' consists of 11 volumes"

"We continue studying our criminal case files at the Investigating Committee," Gennady Fedynich, the leader of the independent REP Trade Union, told the website "The deadline is June 8; then, the case will go to the prosecutor's office, and finally – to the court."

"So far, I've coped with four volumes out of eleven (each contains about 300 pages)," said Fedynich. "Two volumes are examination results. They confiscated our computers, phones and data carriers, and examined them. I ask them: you've already examined, why don't you return the equipment to us? Why do you complicate the work of the union? The answer is the same: after the trial."

According to Gennady, the trial may start in late June or in July.

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