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Explosion at Bobruisk "Fandok" Factory: walls are squashed; three workers injured

In the evening on June 21, an explosion occurred in one of the workshops of the woodworking Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) "Fandok" in Bobruisk, Oksana Solenyuk, the official spokesperson of the Investigating Committee's Branch for the Mogilev Region, reported in social networks.

The accident happened about 7 p.m., during the second working shift, in the workshop producing chipboards. The explosion triggered a fire; in which a 23-year-old worker was injured: he was hospitalized with burns. Two women were hit by the blast wave; they needed some doctors' care.

Investigators and experts are clearing the circumstances of the accident; and, in the opinion of Svetlana Zychkova, the spokesperson of the Mogilev Branch of the State Committee for Forensic Examinations, the explosion could be caused by equipment failure, the BelTA reports.

This is not the first such accident at the factory. On December 10, 2016, an explosion occurred in the drying drum, which is part of the Chinese-made process line. Then, nobody was hit; and the only damage was in the windows, knocked out by the blast wave. This time, the damage is more serious, as the workshop walls were damaged by the explosion.

Sources: Oksana Solenyuk, Euroradio, Commercial Courier

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