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Andrei Strizhak: "Contracts are not extended for 20 years. They've just understood that!"

The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (known as FPB) has criticized the government because the norm on the mandatory extension of labour relations with bona fide workers was not included into the draft of the updated Labour Code.

State trade unions criticize Government for 260,000 unemployed and non-inclusion of amendments to draft Labour Code

However, this has been long criticized by independent trade unions. In what are they common with the FPB? The "Salidarnasts" has asked the REP Trade Union to comment.

REP Trade Union: "We stand for complete abolition"

"Presidential Ordinance No. 29 has been in force since 1999; and through all this time, people were fired, sacked and dismissed upon termination of labour contracts; and FPB kept silent, although independent trade unions have always treated it as a violation of workers' rights," Andrei Strizhak, a REP activist and a rights defender, told in his comment to "Salidarnasts", adding that independent trade unions had opposed the year-long contracts for those who work on a permanent basis:

"It's clear that there are some professions that may need such contracts. But why should we impose them on a teacher or doctor who has worked for 20 years in school or at hospital? It's of course nice that the FPB has opened its eyes on the phenomenon, but isn't it too late?" Andrei has asked rhetorically.

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