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Gomel: commissions on "parasites" will work behind closed doors

Without explaining the reasons, the Gomel City Executive Committee, has rejected the request of the REP Trade Union to include Leonid Sudalenko, the local REP's legal inspector, into the city commission for promoting employment.

Vitaly Atamanchuk, a deputy chairman of the above Executive Committee, wrote to the REP Trade Union: "With the aim to enforce the provisions of Ordinance No. 1 by the Committee's resolution No. 549 of May 31, 2018, a city commission was set up to monitor its subordinate district commissions of Gomel districts and coordinate population employment."

Leonid treats the answer as a formal buck slip: "Not a single word about the reasons why I was included into this commission, although our statement was sent there back on May 18; I suspect that nobody has even considered it."

The union lawyer has added that bureaucrats would not have any independent members is these commissions in order to make their work as concealed from people as possible. Such commissions have been set up in all the regions, but you will find no information about them in the websites of state bodies.

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