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Gennady Fedynich: no court can take away my leadership features

Last week, Gennady Fedynich, the Chairman, and Igor Komlik, the former chief accountant of the independent REP Trade Union, filed appeals against the verdict, announced on August 24, 2018, according to which they were found guilty under Part 2, Article 243, of the Criminal Code of Belarus (large-scale tax evasion).

"I think that our appeals will be considered not earlier than a month," Gennady Fedynich told the website

According to his story, until the verdict comes into force, he will officially continue holding the post of the Chairman of the REP Trade Union.

"Even if the Minsk City Court fails to cancel the verdict of the district court, then, in fact, nothing will change," said the head of the REP Trade Union. "No court can take away my leadership qualities; therefore, I'll formally continue doing the work I did before. Another thing is that during the term of freedom restriction, I'm under plenty of limitations; therefore, for example, I'll not be able to take part in many events organized by our trade union."

Gennady Fedynich has added that the Chair of the REP Trade Union is elected at the congress, which according to the Charter will be held in 2020; and the union is not going to convoke it ahead of time.

"So far, someone will act as chair, although we haven't yet decided who," he said. "One thing is certain by 100%: the union will go on working as it worked before."

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