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Like using the carbon paper: answers of President's Administration to activist' appeals on "trade union case"

The Administration of the President of Belarus has answered to the appeal lodged by Leonid Kulakov, an activist of the "European Belarus", with a demand to stop the criminal prosecution of the leaders of the REP Trade Union, Gennady Fedynich and Igor Komlik.

In the morning on August 24, before the announcement of the verdict by the Sovietsky District Court of Minsk on the so-called "trade union case", dozens of activist came to the reception office of the Presidential Administration. They handed over their appeals describing the unprecedented pressure exerted on the members of the REP Trade Union and demanded to stop the criminal prosecution of union leaders.

The response signed by Grigory Shlyk, the head of the main department for dealing with citizens' appeals, states the following:

"Officials of the Presidential Administration have no right to assess the decisions made by the courts, revoke or revise them; and in accordance with Article 110 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, any interference in the activities of judges in the administration of justice is unacceptable and imposes liability under the law."

Similar replies, as if typed with the help of the carbon paper, were received by other applicants, in particular, by Vladimir Nevmerzhitsky, an activist from Mozyr, and Maya Naumova, a resident of Minsk.

Currently, the following documents concerning the "trade union case" are available in translations into English, and are sent out by the "REP News" on subscribers' requests:

  1. The concluding speech of the advocate Natalia Matskevich: "Whichever proof you take, it crumbles like sand"
  2. The full text of the verdict "In the name of the Republic of Belarus"
  3. The Appeal Complaint to the Judicial Panel on Criminal Cases of the Minsk City Court lodged by Lyudmila Kazak, the defender of Igor Komlik
  4. The appeal complaint lodged by Igor Komlik to the Judicial Board on Criminal Cases of the Minsk City Court
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