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Gennady Fedynich to Lukashenko: Those who earn BYN 250 – what rate are they?

The leader of the REP Trade Union responded to the dictator's phrase about the "second-rate people."

The leader of the independent REP Trade Union commented on the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that students leaving abroad still remain "second-rate people," writes the

Gennady Fedynich referred to the statistics, according to which about 24,000 young people from Belarus are currently studying abroad:

"Let's speak from the heart: today, the level of knowledge ensured by Belarusian universities, to put it mildly, is much worse than it was 10-15 years ago. It depends on the training of teachers, and on their motivation – that is, on their salaries. And young professionals starting to work should also have motivation: a clear idea of their steps up the career stairs. Today, a young man came to the REP Trade Union, a recent graduate of the People's Economy University: he works as a Category I accountant, and his monthly salary is BYN 153. A 50% bonus goes with the salary, if received, and 10% more – for his work experience. What kind of motivation can we talk about here?"

The head of the REP Trade Union believes that the situation will no longer improve in a natural way and requires a special programme:

"Reasonably, we should collect groups of very talented students, send them at the expense of the state to the best universities in the world under the precondition of their return to Belarus, and already in Belarus slowly make economic transformations and put the country on a normal track. The country should be attractive: so that the people would not leave, but on the contrary, come back here. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to see such a situation with this power, but there is no other way."

"I know people from Belarus who graduated from Harvard, but their knowledge is not in demand in their homeland. And this is also a misfortune of the authorities: having received excellent knowledge, a person cannot use it for the benefit of Belarus. It may be necessary to draft a special national programme, so that people can apply their skills for the benefit of Belarus and its citizens. Just labelling them as 'second-rate people' can't repair the situation. There are different people! Not everyone who left have things developing the way they wanted; but the desire, as the youth says, to 'dump it', unfortunately, is manifesting more and more every year. Much more young people want to leave Belarus than to stay here. And you can't do anything through empty promises."

Gennady Fedynich does not think that economic emigrants who left Belarus in search of a better life should be condemned:

"Why to condemn them? People live once. If it was possible to live one life in Belarus, and the second one – abroad and compare ... This is the youth – they want everything at once! If there is a prospect – what will stop them? I know dozens and hundreds of people who left for Poland; they had studied and now work there. They don't want to go back! The level of wages is not the same; the attitude of the authorities towards people is not the same! Yes, it is necessary to work everywhere; money should be earned. But when you earn well – you are motivated, you know that you will have this income all the time – this gives a person confidence in the future. Our young people have lost such faith."

Gennady Fedynich negatively apprehended the very idea of ranking people by any "rates":

"You can't rank people this way. Those who earn BYN 250 now in the regions, what rate should they belong to according to this classification? This is not their guilt or fault – it's their misfortune that they cannot earn decent money. That's what should be discussed today!"

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