News / 11.11.18

"When bureaucrats are idling, these guys are helping people"

The REP Trade Union has received a letter of gratitude from one of the workers who received our support. With his consent, we post the letter on our website.

"Actually, I just want to thank for your actions and the work done. Well done! I am happy that there are such people in our country!

Earlier, I lived in Mogilev. Then, like elsewhere, problems with wages began. We turned into the Labour Inspectorate – in fact, no response from there. We appealed to the REP – and they immediately found some way out of the situations.

Then, the calls from the Investigating Committee began: questions and other attempts to pump out some information. They heard the only answer from me: when state bureaucrats are idling, these guys are really helping people! Therefore, I sincerely thank you for everything!"

The REP Trade Union thanks the author for the recognition and appreciation of our work. We would just like to note that the REP Trade Union is not just guys: our women-activists defend workers' rights on equal terms with men.

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