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Another "parasite" goes to court with the support of REP

Andrei Kulitsky, a 42-year-old resident of Gomel, has addressed the regional branch of the REP Trade Union and reported that he had been called from the so-called "parasite commission" and asked if he was working? He was informed that he had been included into the database of the persons "not employed in the national economy."

Leonid Sudalenko, the regional REP's legal labour inspector, has drafted, on Andrei's behalf, a complaint to the Gomel City Executive Committee:

"Firstly, we raised the issue of the incompatibility of Ordinance No. 3 with the Constitution; and, secondly, we demanded to exclude Andrei Kulitsky from the above database in the pre-trial order. Then, we'll go to court. Our main argument in the litigation is that Mr Kulitsky is engaged in the country's economy, as he is a consumer of goods and services, in particular, he monthly pays for his mobile communication services."

"Tomorrow, 'parasite' Ordinance will affect employed Belarusians too"

"Andrei Kulitsky is the owner of an apartment and does not exclude that in mid-February he will receive a 'heavier' utility bill. Consequently, the state will put him in unequal terms with other citizens; and this is nothing else but discrimination by his social status."

Woman versus "parasite" commission: "I don't want to stay away from this ugliness"

"The economy means relationships that develop within the system of production, distribution, exchange and consumption. Therefore, in order to participate therein, it is enough to be an ordinary consumer of goods and services, and a payer of state fees and duties. We want to prove this in court," the union lawyer has stated.

Let us remind you that this is the second time in Gomel, when a person "not employed in the economy" demands to be excluded from the database. In early January, in the town of Bragin, Gomel Region, the "parasite" commission had to exclude a local resident, Vladimir Teremetsky, from the "parasite" database; the legal service of the REP Trade Union helped him to draft a complaint.

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