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"She's not on the staff list": how Yulia Zueva can't leave "Rublyovsky"

The story of the dismissal of Yulia Zueva, a member of the REP Trade Union, who works as a saleswoman at the Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC) "Zavodskoy Supermarket" (the "Rublyovsky" trademark, belonging to the "Belinterproduct" LLC), located in Nesterov Street in Minsk, continues.

Yulia Zueva has been working at the "Rublyovsky" retail network for three months. The working conditions did not suit her, but the store manager refused to dismiss her by agreement of the parties.

Yulia joined the REP Trade Union, and the lawyer, Yuri Belyakov, who represents her interests, has sent requests to the Prosecutor's Office of the Zavodskoy District of Minsk demanding to conduct an audit of the store and Yulia Zueva's labour relations. Additionally, an application was sent to the Labour Inspectorate. The documents present facts about violations of sanitary and hygienic regulations at the store and the labour legislation.

Company bosses twice answered to Yuri Belyakov that Yulia Zueva is not on the list of sellers.

One of the answers indicates the CJSC "Zavodskoy Supermarket" as the sender:

"The administration of the 'Belinterproduct' LLC hereby informs that in its database there is no information about employing of Yu. V. Zueva, a Category 6 seller."

Despite the sender's name, the personnel issues are decided by Galina Yakovenko, a specialist of the "Belinterproduct" LLC. All the three answers are printed on the "Belinterproduct" letter forms.

"If the CJSC 'Zavodskoy Supermarket' and the 'Belinterproduct LLC' are different legal entities, then why do they have common letter forms and one personnel manager?" Yuri Belyakov asks. "And why they violate the law on citizens' applications? If an application is sent to the management company, then it should be redirected to the CJSC 'Zavodskoy Supermarket'."

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