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First failures of the "parasite" Ordinance

The first utility bills envisaging the full compensation of the cost of services will come to "parasites" in March. They are given another month to prove to the authorities that they are employed or have got into a difficult life situation, the "Salidarnasts" writes.

Earlier, it was planned to start sending "fat" utility bills to "parasites not employed in the national economy" in February.

"No one doubts the political component of Ordinance No. 1 and the desire of the authorities to control all those 'not not employed'. But how to do it in practice?" Leonid Sudalenko, a lawyer and a rights defender, contemplates on the "Gomelskaya Viasna" (Gomel Spring) website. "How to divide the consumed hot water among the 'employed' payer and his 'not employed' family members? Bureaucrats have counted half a million 'not employed in the economy' or every 10th able-bodied Belarusian. But how many of them are payers, and how many are their family members?"

In Leonid's opinion, this is the greatest "headache" of officials from housing and communal services, who, sitting with their calculators in hands, are drawing up "fat" utility bills.

It proved not so easy "to give everyone a shovel," Mr Sudalenko has remarked, recalling the words of President Lukashenko, who promised to deal with all the "parasites".

"Medical care system is such that it's easier to die than to be treated at polyclinic. What do people pay for?"

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