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"Where is my property?" Court rejects lawsuit lodged by Fedynich and Komlik against website

On February 14, Alexander Dluzhnevsky, a Judge of the Tsentralny District of Minsk, refused to consider the claim of the REP Trade Union for the protection of honour, dignity and business reputation against the website. Fedynich and Komlik are preparing an appeal.

The lawsuit was caused by the publications "Trade union case, or there is no smoke without fire" dated May 14, 2018, and "Fictitious Fedynich's REP" dated May 21, 2018, posted on the above website. Here is just one quote from the second article:

"For example, in 2015, Komlik purchased a two-room apartment worth at least 42,000 euros and a country house worth about 42,000 euros ... Fedynich, as a true leader and workers' defender, played big, and in the same 2015 registered a house worth about 100,000 euros, built on one of his land plots near Minsk."

On January 25, Judge Dluzhnevsky held a preliminary court hearing, and on February 13, the session on the merits. The judge announced his decision on the morning on February 14.

Messrs Fedynich and Komlik are preparing an appeal against the judgement of the Tsentralny District Court of Minsk.

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